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CBC News : Last Updated: Saturday, July 24, 2010 | 3:49 PM ET :  The Taliban claimed Saturday that it had captured two American soldiers, the CBC's Cameron MacIntosh reported from Afghanistan.

The International Security Assistance Force, which controls foreign troops in the country, has neither confirmed nor denied the report. The Taliban are prone to exaggerate, MacIntosh said. But he said the United States is broadcasting local radio ads offering a $20,000 US reward for the return of two members of the American military.

A NATO statement said two U.S. Navy service members left their base in Kabul Friday but did not return. The two disappeared about 150 kilometres south of Kabul, Afghanistan's capital. NATO is searching for them. According to The Associated Press, an Afghan official said one of the two may have been killed in a fire fight and the other captured.

Specialist Bowe Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, was captured by the Taliban in June 2009. He is the only known American in the Taliban's hands, and has appeared in videos posted on Taliban websites.


Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part One to Five





The moncitizenship is the new Canadian governmental task. The diplomatic lines of Republics of Yemen and Poland are non grata with their masks.

Semitic illegal drug calls Khat spreads in North America and Europe






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