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After the great efforts and contemplations on the genealogy studies of families, the rebirth of SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik, and the multireserrections and incarnations of both the families, he renounces his former citizenship and prefers to be a monocitizenship in order to serve Canada loyally and without the influences of the dual citizenship.


In conclusions, the families of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri are taken by the Canadian and international organizations as the symbol of tolerance and selected to be the model of the family that have been integrated peacefully with the world heritages and cultures.


Finally, the genealogy study of the families found that the regime of their country governs and manages the country with randomness, gesture, magic, cozenage, delusion, depredation, hoodlum, trial, murder, retaliation, mendacity, humbug, hoodoo, filibuster and demonology. Moreover, they corrupt people by jumping the market by illegal drugs and alcohols, encourage them to distribute those illegal drugs to other countries and also psych them up by involving them with illegal political, social and business activities. Those dangerous phenomenon become the camouflage of the regime for asking international supports, and to escape from the true reorganization the country.


The family genealogy study of both the families is terminated generally by promising them by the governments of the World and by the family supporters particularly to:

Govern the country, reorganize the village where the martyr Nooria was killed and build mosque and stadium in the name of the martyr Nooria and her husband Abdulhamid,

Keep the heritage of the family and collect it from all over the World,

Reorganize the country, write the life story of SIR  Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik and his family and produce it into a film and a television serial,

Take the picture of the martyr Nooria, her husband Abdulhamid and son SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik as a symbol for some of the religious establishments.


Summary and Recommendations


Replacement of family relatives and friends, or playing their role and authority by the social power and integrated security systems is impossible. It should be banned due to the age of the person. It explains their disability to create methods of wisdom, lack of understanding the law of rights and responsibilities, and also their use for the gaps in the law, and the negative use for the tools, equipment of the security police and the authorities of God for their goals.


It is necessary to ban the cloning spirits of the devils and other unknown creatures to direct people or to select for them wives or friends to narrow their environments of activities.


It is essential to return to the old forms of love and the true romance.


It is important to cancel laws that are not humane such as the banning the marriage of religious staff in some of the religious establishments, nationalizations the civil rights and the houses and wealth.


The study shows also that many of the worker groups are working against the families and their prospectives by providing them to the illusions and inhumane styles and behaviours of life.

It should be banned by law the use of the images, or mimicking the behaviours and styles of relatives, friends and others to spy, or to organize the person under their shadows or categories that they prefer, even though it is difficult to prove their secret activities for the government bodies, and it explain their jealousness and awareness from the wide ties of the person, or to express their awareness from variety and wide ties of the person.

Some of the groups have to enhance their understanding for the occupations of the others and their role in life.


It is recommended to take other random family trees genealogy groups from recent, previous and future immigrants to investigate and study the channels of the integrated security systems and their interactions.


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