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Hitch your wagon to a star

Believe it or not, but you are a goddess…Yes!!! You!!! Despite your natural tendency to constantly criticise yourself, there is, hidden in your deepest self, a goddess both powerful and gentle who is only waiting for you to notice her to emerge! Awakening to your own feminine power, you ensure that your inner world becomes more balanced and moves away from the old model of patriarchal prerogatives. What would your life be like if you perceived each day as if you were a goddess? – would you at last stop doubting of your own value? – would you like your reflection in the mirror and would you enjoy moving your hips? – would you love yourself unconditionally and be able to always feel loved? So many centuries have passed since the religion of the Great Mother goddess dominated the world that the very nature of the feminine has been lost in the meanders of human memory. The feminine suffers in the present world and through its wounds it asserts its right to exist. The feminine desperately tries to find its essence again.

Really… me… a goddess? Absolutely… deep in your heart, when you were a child, you knew that you were born to live something infinitely special and no matter what you went through since then, there remains within you a trace of this certitude. You were born with a high purpose, but from a queen, a goddess, you became a slave: slave of fears, of illusions, of desires of every kind and of an aspiration for an illusory power. It is now time to awaken the goddess of your heart and to let her gently emerge into the world. “Why?” you would ask. Because the goddess of your feminine self is the feminine power, the real power and spiritual glory deeply asleep within every woman.

The goddess sleeping within you can manifest herself in many ways: kindness, receptiveness, profoundness, intuition and valorisation of the body… “Maybe”, you would say, sceptical and quite worried… “But how to wake up this sleeping goddess?” You can reclaim the sacred Feminine, the essence of the woman, through goddess archetypes rooted in different traditions and mythologies. The notions of archetype and collective unconscious were first defined by Jung; according to him, there is a collective unconscious, a basis of the imaginary which is common to all peoples throughout history. This collective unconscious is manifested through legends, myths and religions. Common to all humans, this unconscious is made of archetypes, which are the universal symbols making up the language through which is handed down the deep heritage of humanity.

The archetype is universal and transpersonal; it lives at the very heart of the collective human psyche. The same archetype is personified in various forms in all civilizations and in all myths. Source of spiritual wisdom and inner guide, the archetype influences our way of thinking, of being and of behaving. Each archetype is the keeper of knowledge and of lessons which it wants to share with us. Archetypes help us to face the hardships of life and to heal our wounds. Sources of new energy, they accompany us and incite us to discover new ways of doing things. So, do not wait any longer and do not go against the archetypes of the goddesses! Every goddess represents a particular energy, an aspect of you.

Begin a journey to the core of your heart and encounter the archetypes of the goddesses who live there; you will then be able to see the events of your life differently. Dare to let every one of them speak – this will allow you to live a life that is increasingly creative, more complete and more fulfilling. Open a dialogue with each one of them so that you learn to see yourself differently and allow yourself living in an authentic way. Enter the labyrinth of your soul and go in all confidence to the end of the self-knowledge quest.

Celebrate the coexistence of the masculine and the feminine within you and enjoy a fully balanced life. Get rid of automatic behaviour and conditioning of every kind. The goddess archetypes are there to give you a shake and to urge you to be vibrant with life rather than complacently existing. Let yourself be exultant with the manifestation of the many goddesses who dwell in you and thus become the heroine of your own life!

Sophie Terrasse is an art therapist, professional member of the Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec (AATQ) and a certified Kundalini and Laughter yoga™ teacher. She is the creator and director of the Sunflower Institute -Wellness through Art, Laughter and Yoga and is the founder of the Ottawa Sunflower laughter club. Sophie Terrasse leads goddess-themed workshops, retreats and trips both in Canada and abroad. For more information concerning her activities, please contact her by phone at (613) 842-9771, by e-mail at or visit her website at

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