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When applying for an employment opportunity it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the qualities that recruiters are looking for in an employee.

Proactive preparation for an interview will not only help you perform well in the interview it will also indicate that you are a well organized, articulate individual with the ability to perform well under pressure.

There are several techniques and tips that you can use to help you go into a job interview and impress even the most intimidating recruiter!

Talk with the Recruiter
Find out the location and time of the interview, where the interview will take place, paperwork that needs to be filled out and the type of interview that will be conducted. Some companies will do a general interview with a few questions while other companies prefer to conduct more in depth behavioral type interviews.

Research the Company
Before attending an interview it is imperative to have some knowledge and understanding of the company and the position you are applying for. Utilize the internet and find out more about the company, its history and its founder or CEO.

Knowing the history and current status of the company you are applying for will allow you to gain some insight about the people you will be working for/with as well as what kind of answers will appeal to the recruiters during the interview process.

Reflect on Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Take some time to reflect on your previous employment history. Make notes on your strengths and weaknesses (areas for improvement).
Recruiters will often ask what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are and will want you to elaborate on them.

When discussing a weakness you will want to position it in such a way that it is actually going to turn into a strength. Make sure you highlight the actions you have taken to improve your weaknesses.

Focus on Your Career Highlights
Specifically think of three to four highlights of your career history and plan to speak about the successes you have achieved in your industry. The purpose of a job interview is to sell yourself to the potential employer. Make it a priority to know your career highlights and successes and how you achieved these successes.

Do a Mock Interview
Have your spouse, friend or family member go through a mock interview with you. They can play the role of recruiter or interviewer and interview you for the job you are applying for. As silly as this may sound it will improve your performance in the actual interview.

A mock interview will help you brush up on your interviewing skills, calm your nerves and instill some confidence in your abilities.

Dress the Part

Go to an interview dressed for the part. Jeans and a t-shirt won't impress anyone least of all your potential employer. Find out about the dress code for the company and if it is business casual dress business casual. If it is a casual dress code do NOT wear jeans! Business casual is your best bet for most positions. For middle or upper management positions always dress in a business suit or dress.

Display Positive Body Language
Your body language in an interview will speak volumes about you as a person. Shake the recruiter and interviewer's hand when you are introduced. Smile, introduce yourself and sit down when they sit down. Be sure to make eye contact and occasionally smile during the interview process.

When the interview has finished make it a priority to thank the interviewers for their time and shake their hands before leaving.

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