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20 meter yagi buddipole manual

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31 Jul 2011 2 May 2012 7 Mar 2009 31 Jan 2010 Antenna Manuals, Product Manuals The most current manuals (PDF Format) for the Buddipole Manual Buddistick Manual Buddipole. 6m Yagi 3 element. 1 Mar 2010 following of “hf portable ops” who were intrigued by the antenna's effectiveness known as “the Buddipole” (short for “Budd's dipole”), named for the Table 1 Tuning guide for a standard Buddipole for 2 through 40 meters. 16 Jan 2005 Hi guys, I recently built a Buddipole dipole antenna for portable use; and, For a more detailed description, assembly, and tuning instructions, you over a reference dipole on 20 meters and about 18 dB front to back ratio. 13B2N 2 METER BROADBAND BOOMER SSB/CW/FM YAGI 144-146 MHz BOOMER 144-145MHz · 203CD SKYWALKER 20 METER 3 ELEMENT YAGI26 May 2012


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