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Draw your shapes, and make sure you expand everything to outlines. I made my illustration in Illustrator, distorted it with the liquify and other Oct 13, 2017 Learn about scaling, shearing, and distorting objects using various tools the drop shadow effect, and the stroke (left); only the object scales when as it scales, select Uniform, and enter a percentage in the Scale text box. In situations where you want to warp your text to fit certain shapes, you can use You can use this to create a more impressive graphic or title effect on your printFeb 15, 2017 Learn about using envelopes to distort or reshape selected objects in Adobe Illustrator. Jan 30, 2017 Apr 18, 2011 Nov 22, 2006 For instance, in this tutorial we are going see the precise control we can have on distorting an object by using Envelope Distortion. Mar 11, 2014 To warp an object or some text to a preset style, follow these steps: Select the text or object that you want to distort and then choose Object>Envelope Distort>Make with Warp. Choose a warp style from the Style drop-down list and then specify any other options you want. Click OK to apply the distortion. Apr 17, 2018 What You'll Be Creating. Want to warp some text? In this video from my course, 10 Essential Design Tips in Adobe Illustrator, you'll learn all the


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