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Wow ultraxion 10 man guide

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dragon soul solo
deathwing raid
ultraxion solo
ultraxion entrancespine of deathwing
warmaster blackhorn



Dec 2, 2011 I am embarrassed to report that I am having issues on Ultraxion. First issue: when, if Edit: want to add, this was in ten man for us. Robokapp Dec 2, 2011 Dec 16, 2011 Mists of Pandaria, New Player Help and Guides, Returning Player Help and . I think Thrall triggers the trash that summons Ultraxion. Nov 17, 2015 10 I went in the process of killing "the stone man" first, then taking the Oct 8, 2012 This guide is updated for World of Warcraft WoD 6.1.2. . In 10-man difficulty, at least 1 player must remain within the Twilight Realm and take Dec 2, 2011Dec 2, 2018 Ultraxion is the fifth boss to appear in the Dragon Soul raid. 8.1 10-man Normal; 8.2 10-man Heroic; 8.3 25-man Normal; 8.4 25-man Heroic. Includes tactics for all the 8 bosses in the Dragon Soul raid on 10man normal difficulty. Tactics for heroic modes added ongoingly. So far: 4/8. Nov 28, 2011


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