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March 2019 Blog Posts (4)

Longing and trouble a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Longing and trouble


My hands stretched high into the sky.

And as a result of that I have had pride over the void.

I have longed for you, despite the shame and the hurts that were pronounced by your tongue.

I was pleased…


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الشوق والعناء

الشوق والعناء

أمتدت يدايَ عالياً الى السماء.

فامتلكتني العزة والكبرياء.

وأشتقت اليك رغم الجفاء.

وسررت بضؤ العلا.

فصدحت العصافير مغنيتاً في البيداء.

مبشرتاً الكون بزوال الدجى.

ولمع البرق في السماء.

وامطرت وأنورت الضياء.

فكان الجو جميلاَ في الصباح وفي…


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Harvesting of Love a peam by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.


Harvesting of Love


Oh my love you are the most satisfying nemesis that paralyses my soul, the hope and delight of my eyes.

I have passed my hobbies and continued to lobby for more ways of giving you the fullest attention.

The sun shone on…


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Saint Patrick's Day A Poem Writen by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

I want to celebrate Saint Paddy's Day with the Irish.

Not only by the three-leaf clover, that is a garnish,

but also by drinking Guinness beer and eating fish and radish.

I am a poet, who hates publishing skirmish,

especially, when the topic is about His Excellency the Mayor of the city, the Irish

and the cousin of both British and Scottish.

I want my criticism to pay…


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