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Soul Gate


Sometimes I'm wandering-eyed, 

but never sleepy. 

Sunlight of hope has always been sparkling on me, 

but it couldn’t vanquish.

I always give to kind people,

the key, 

to open the door of my soul, 

where the mercy of blue waves are whispering

where the stars and swans make love.

Sometimes I am evergreen, sometimes a simple creature 

And turn into a phantom, like a storm in the fall.

Casting the…


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Freedom, with power for change

Freedom, with power for change

See what Freedom means

being in the presence of boundless curiosity,

to witness our spiritual intimidate

within that life offers us.

I believe that often we say the same thing

in different ways - in different forms,

 with a different tone –

For so is the life

one sees the colors of others-not

a thrush spreads wings over the orchid,

another was torn down with head…


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A monument of eternity, that is you (To mother Teresa)

“If you do something;

do it well and with love,

or don’t do it at all...”

(Drane Bojaxhi)

I bring flowers to your monument,

For you can bless me with love.

You’re anywhere:

O mother Teresa – Gonxhe Bojaxhi,

Fighting selfishness, this spiritual illness

was you father’s will

Pure love, your mother’s gift

Taken by you from the breast milk

To the hungry and yearning

You gave love and praying

To the abandoned ones,

You gave shelter,… Continue

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Your feeling grabs me...For Sain't Valentine Day

Your feeling grabs me


The captivating sea is deep

As endless the feeling is

Your feeling grabs me

And I am lost in your soul


In your soul lost I am

So you can save me from thunder

But frightened of your feeling I am

Scared from drowning into stom and waves.


And if I die into foamy waves

I don’t care, come what may!

Our soft and white feeling

Love and honey will flow.


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