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Hitch your wagon to a star


Dreams in sleep arranges the orders of the day with a single file of flying doves.
The doves calls me for peace and sometimes warns me of war.
Times for love and times to admire. 
Dreams in sleep are a million language of thoughts. who was that talking to me? Did I understand what they are saying?
Above all, I only remember vividly their smile, which I sought to capture. Yes, yes, I captured the smiles very well. And I still vividly remember, I can't shake them off my mind. So, I narrated the story to my friend. How I saw this beautiful girl.
On her cheeks was a magnificent smile, only the judge of love could give it a distinction. A love symbol only for open hearts that are ready to receive love. 
At the time of revolution, there is excitement and jubilation, but all are short-lived.
In the dreams of the thickest sleep are birds, flowers and light breeze.
Yeah, the breeze bombarding the face with fragrance of the sea, fishiness. Though at the horizon yonder, an approaching thunder was a warning of the ensuing gentle rain.

A tales a funny Nasreddin Juha, was his dream of eating good food.
Dreams of eating delicious food were basketful of food served for kind hearted hostess. Nasreddin wanted to eat the food without being reminded of the sad days because he would chock at the sad news. Don't spoil delicious food with bad news. The food will lose its delicacy.

Another reminder was that of a beautiful river with beautiful beaches. This was a blissful dream...Surely you don't want to spoil delicious food with sad news.
There was a morning breeze, which was enjoyed by man and nature. The nature enjoy this breeze by waves of tree branches and flowers gave their fragrance gracefully without complains.

Dream of gardens and beautiful people are vividly remembered. There are also dreams of nasty creatures that are vividly remembered because they are scary.
He who has had a good dream will perform his duty with good energy.
He who has had nasty dream will start the day with gloom. What did you dream last night?



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