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The waves of the sea and Palestine a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.


The Sea waves seem to emulate a body, which  melts under the sand of the beaches.
It comes ashore and sails away, it’s like a rhythm that plays in the emotions of new lovers.
And, as though loved ones are travelling away.
They come from all directions towards the  boats and crashing on them as though there was a crash-on someone, an on-looker of a desperate lover watching and admiring from a distant approaching opposite sex.
The waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red  Sea call from their regions, but connecting through Suez Canal. Suez Canal has been the scene of controversy. All eyes must watch it because it's where Eurasia is connected to Africa. The other side of the nearby middle east-neighbourhood of the children of cousins. Cousin brothers and sisters of Israel and Palestine. These are the sons and daughters of Abraham, but Abraham left them without blessing both equally. Why should these cousins live in anger cultivated by one father. Abraham, the father of children of the books. Who set aside his portion of blessings from where the Almighty God commanded him. Where is Haggar? Where is Sarah?
Should they come back to life, they could suffer the remorse of their doings. Children became banished, Children became land grabbers, Children became obsessed with land ownership....Why should they be left without answers?
The wave of violence replaces the waves of love at one time or another.
Where have these children of the land sailed to? Why have they lived in agony and everlasting enemies? They should come one day and declare, no more curses of death and declare love for one another. Those who thirst for revenge, let them say, we are no longer willing to engage in your politics of hate.
Towards Jaffa, Haifa, Eilat and should be declared Safe. No more terrorism, No more culture of hate for Israel and Palestine because he who declares hate, declares war on the children of Abraham. 
Towards Marjayoun and Al-Anad Base, they should declare no more Katusha rockets, because when barrage of Katusha rockets send waves of death, death declares and claims lives of children of Abraham.
The waves from the two seas, Mediterranean and Red sea whose tides are calmer than the land of Palestine.  
Radios from the land of Palestine should play Songs of love, joy and peace. Radio Newsreels from Mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights should be of good tidings and the order of the days.
Palestine, the Holy Land remains forever.
Global view should become knowledgeable of the existence of the land, history and children of one father, but different mothers. All are from the same root. Therefore, they should coexist with knowledge of they history, for history cannot be changed or rewritten because history wrote itself.
Who will discard the truth? Weigh the truth with truth.
This is the wisdom of our times.


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