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نبذة مختصرة لوصف كتاب وصايا الديك والبحر للدكتور محمد توفيق المنصوري

The recommendation of the rooster and the Sea, presents a collection of fables and poetries. Through anthological literatures, author Dr. M.T. Al-Mansouri communicates his opinions on a wide variety of worldly affairs and issues. The book designed to instill deeper understanding of the nature of issues ranging from politics, economics, social and spirituality. The recommendation of the rooster and the sea offers an intellectual thought provoking approaches to depict hidden caricatures of the repressive regimes in unstable countries of the world, their ideologies, political dogmas, myths, and the limited immunity powers. This collection also addresses an eclectic array of topics of interest in the world today: political proclivities, terrorism, prejudice, injustice, multiculturism, war and peace, nationalization, marriage and family, and love and beauty.

Through commentaries, musings, and writings in the recommendation of the rooster and the sea, Al-Mansouri seeks to uncover the truth in order to achieve freedom, justice, and peace where they are merited due.


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