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A Tillage behind the Temple of the Sun a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

A Tillage behind the Temple of the Sun


The dam was irrigated when the earth was thirsty.

And the voice was high, to plow the earth, and to coordinate it.

But the people differed as to where the plowing began.

Does it began from the behind or the front of the temple?

The wall around the temple was high, and it was the dilemma.

There are those who wanted to climb the fence and there are those who wanted to destroy it.

In the latter, the people decided to demolish the fence, as a result many people were injured or wounded or killed.

Then the decision of the people to cultivate the temple yard from the back, and it was the sin, thus the temple was destroyed and the displacement of human beings resulting in the death of the Hoopoe due to sorrows of the temple of the sun.

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