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Memoirs: My art and clutter by M. T. Al-Mansouri

His Excellency Mr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Gahni the Prime Minister and the Prime Chief of Yemenite Universities
Sana's 6 of March, 1997
Ro 32/1844

Subject: Complain against the intended postponement of recruiting me in teaching staff of Sana'a University Faculty of Agriculture


As your Excellency night know that I am a dilemma since get my Ph.D. in agricultural science in November 1995 (with specialty in crop production), and my tragedy has been more complicated when I happily answered a request published by Sana'a University in Al Thowrah Newspaper, issue No.11696 dated 19 November 1996, for all qualified and capable Yemenis to join its teaching staff Assistance Teacher. On my capacity as one whose qualifications, capabilities and skills surpass the conditions of acceptance.

I am still waiting for the answer although I repeatedly visit the offices of the concerned personnel but no answer whether positive or negative. I turned some times to think that as if I was qualified to constantly visit the offices of those responsible. What I regrets I regret from your Excellency that you give my care what it deserves of your generous attention and decide whether a person like deserve such postponements and delays, which I started to believe that it is intended to make me give up and leave my country and leave the others make use of my knowledge and skills instead of my own people.

I also regret your Excellency to advise me what to do or direct the concerned parties to make action in my care and recruit me immediately and if your Excellency wash you can order that the one, who caused my agony be questioned so that such a care may not be repeated with another citizen and I am sure that you are qualified for that and an example in faithfulness that should be followed.

With this request I hope that your Excellency will be the last one whom I knock his office door and I pray for God to bless you and increase your example and stay as a treasure for this country.

Please, find attached copies the following documents: Ph.D. Certificate, Scientific Certificate, your letter dated 19-11-1996 directed to the University Chairman, and copies of directives by the university chairman directed to the Dean Faculty, dated 19-11-1996, 22-2-1997 and 3-3-1997.


The responses were the following
To the President of Sana'a University for review and necessary action.
The Prime Minister

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture for action
The President of Sana'a University

Received the Original
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture
I still remember that there are no actions and real reactions. There are just only words and clutters.

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