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The depature of pre-sunset (The depature of dusk), a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.


The departure of pre-sunset (The departure of dusk)

Although the  Giraffe has a long neck, problems of its life time keeps to the length of the trees.
Always curious of danger, with vigilance using remote controlled sensors of detecting marauding lions and hyenas.
The departure of dusk is obscured by rain, rain that quenches the scorching ground and relieving the skeletons of the carcasses.
Wild life is like the Niagara Falls, full of troubles and the warning smell of the fragrance of death for the beasts.
Wild life could also be equated to Palestine politics.
Wild life has green pastures for the fauna and domestic animals.
Wild life provides the natural plow of nature and the depth of the roots of nature.
All are hidden by the departure of dusk, but the inhabitants have telescopic sights.
Even the war Museum with statues of famous legends, all are covered by the departure of dusk.
Ramadan is an Eid and the end of Ramadan is also called Eid Fitir, all were at certain time covered by the departure of dusk.
Aden was the holy garden where Lucifer deceived Adam and Eve,  it was where the battle of the soul was worn by Lucifer who brought all blessings to depart with dusk.

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