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The Pair of the Arabic Informant by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

(1). The Aries and my Intimate Friend
When I was living in one of the European capitals, I had a friend, whom I am proud of; he has a wheatish colour, and has a delicate manner, character and attitude. One day I saw him walking with the arise, I worried about him, and I did not approach him. Really, I fear the aries, because I was told by my grandmother that the aries usually comes in the darkness after the death of person to pick him up from his tomb and carry him to an endless. Usually, he comes for the naughtiest. But, this time he comes to my intimate friend with his magic carpet and in the midday. I become confused when I was walking in the streets of the city. Hence, I started asking my self whether my grandmother intentionally misguided me that the aries is horrible? Truly, the aries appears to be suavity, has a magic carpet and lured my friend by his attractive and sweet words. Suddenly, when I saw my friend carrying a carton, I thought that he was in fight with the aries and he won the battle, so he cut the aries into pieces and put him in the carton. Then I approached my friend and I talked to him. But he was a yellowish as not usual. After that I asked him did he kill the aries? He answered me whisperingly’ No”. I questioned him saying, “tell me what happened?” He said to me that the aries wanted him to be aries. I added what else and what do you have in the carton. He replied “in the carton is one of the aries’ characters, and he added that the aries wanted from him to carry the heaviness, but he could not do that, so his eyes become yellow. And he ended his talk saying to me “you have obligation to your grandmother words and do not approach to the aries.”

(2). The Hyena and the Dove

After a long life journey and spending lots of years in the forest, the hyena took off his traditional clothes and wore modern ones.
He washed his red bloody teeth with distilled of water and wore the jewelry and accessories in order to cover his activities.
He knew all the World Forest Languages, so he became the lover of the doves, the giver of the flowers and the dancer of the dark and light.
All his novels and plays were in the city nightclubs and the best of his nights was in Uncle Sam house. His best lovely music was the Samba and he hated country music.
Years later, he became stocky, and his circular shape added to his bloody background, therefore he got the Red Identification Card.
After getting this ID, he crossed the forests borders jokingly, laughingly and mockingly and showed this advantage in all official occasions as a tactic to cover his crimes and to swallow all who are around him when he became hungry.
The destiny gave him chance to wear the white robe and it was one of his cozenage, and then he rolled a net web around the dove, challenging the systems and the tradition.
Yet the dove was smart; she knew the hyena and his delusion.
Then the hyena became angry and accused the dove with madness and he forgot that the Dove is Balkis and Arwa*.

* The name of the two Arabian women whom govern democratically the Arabia flex in different historical period of time.

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