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برتوكولات مشائخ الظلام الجزءالثاني : السلك الدبلوماسي ووزارة الخارجية The Protocols of the Yuppies of Darkness: Part 3. The Porotocol of the Diplomatic Corps and Mnistry of Foregin Affairs

Wake up the people of the embassy and listen to the complaints. People are dying and you are drinking coffee. You are not only celebrating our deaths by singing and belly dancing, but also you becoming the knights of temptation. Your informants are telling the jokes of Jaha and the tricks of the snakes. And your constitution is wrong with no food or shelter in it, yet they only cheat and use the pretext of the state security to refuse to listen. Adulteration, deceivableness, plundering, loot, stealing, robbery, theft and corruption are their slogans and logos.

.يا أهل السفارة غلط ما أكثر الشكوى. من مات مات وانتم تشربون القهوه

بموتنا تظهرون فوارس المغوى. وليلكم كله طرب وهزة اللوحة

.ومخبروكم يقصون نوادر جحا وحيل الافعى

.ودستوركم غلط فلا زاد فيه ولا مأوى. فهبر وغش واخدع شعار أمن الدولة

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