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The Ship of faith and dreams a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

The Ship of faith and dreams

There was a hope
 and  there was a safety assurance from the  impending dreams.

And then  the hopes and dreams crashed.  The ship of faith and dreams was interrupted by waves of tides of sorrows.
Then the wicked waves that distributed tides accentuated and transcended.
Some of the folks concluded that hell had broken loose and some of them digging their own graves with their own hands so that when time came for their departure, there wouldn't be anyone to bother.
Others blew themselves up in terrorist suicide bombing.
The ship of faith and religious dreams deceived many fanatics into the promise of twelve virgins in the after life in heaven.
Who said that ISIS is not in the fire?
Believers that opt out into choosing the option do it yourself murder are deceived by many insecure billionaires in the oil rich Arabian countries of the middle east.
Paradise is lost by choosing the option of settling problems using violence. Give hope by doing things through faith in action and keep the dreams alive.

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