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الآثار النفسية والجسمية بعيدة المدى للتعذيب لدى الأسيرات الفلسطينيات المحررات بقطاع غزة


 The purpose of this study was to find out, the long term consequences of imprisonment and torture among  Female Palestinian ex-political prisoners from Gaza strip, who were subjected to imprisonment, torture by Israeli interrogators of  both the general security service (G.S.S. also Known as shin Bet or Shabak) and the Israel Defense  Force (IDF) and its relation to post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, physical diseases and psychological symptoms.

The sample of the study was intentional sample, consisted of (48 ) Female ex-political prisoners from the Gaza strip, who were released between 1967. 2009 .

The researchers used a variety of measures, including (a measure of the severity of psychological and physical torture, and the measure of the impact of the event, and the measure of physical diseases, and the measure of the checklist symptoms SCL90), to answer questions of the study.
The results showed that 41.7% of the sample suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, the study also found that the highest percentage was symptoms psychosomatic disorder , ranked the first 40.5%, followed by obsessive-compulsive disorder 33.5%, and depression, 33.3%, anxiety 31%; hostility and paranoia imagination 29.4% , 27.7% anxiety fear, interactive sensitivity 27.2%, 18.8% psychotic.

The results also show a positive correlation between the exposure to physical and psychological torture and long-term effects resulting from them , the study also found a direct correlation with statistical significance between the physical and psychological torture and the following variables disorder ( post-traumatic distress, bodily symptoms, anxiety).

Based on the findings of the study, the researchers recommends the following:
- The need for routine medical examinations to all ex- prisoners.
- The importance of social and psychological care to all ex- prisoners.

- The importance of establishing a specialized center for research of torture.
- The importance of urging the prohibition on the use of torture in
Palestinian society.

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