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The Politics of Apocalypse - 30 min documentary

journeymanpictures | May 13, 2008
August 1998
Training-up his troops of child soldiers an SPLA commander defends the tender age of his warriors. "They're men really...they're happy to fight because we've given them rifles. They'd be fighting with sticks and spears otherwise" And the SPLA can afford to be generous thanks to private arms dealers. A self-confessed supplier of arms to Iran, Iraq and Libya was murdered here. According to documents uncovered in this Programme the SPLA had given him a vast teak forest in return for arms. Back in the frontline of a SPLA/Government showdown bullets fly. A young boy, of no more than 12, slumps to the ground. Trying to escape this war is almost impossible. 3 million people now live in limbo in the refugee camps around Khartoum. Their only salvation can be peace but this seems remote as the Government gets ever more militant. By the year 2000 they want 900,000 soldiers to join the Jihad against neighbouring states. This year it closed all the universities and sent their students to the frontline. And while war continues thousands of people face starvation before Christmas.

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