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By M.T. Al-Mansouri


Introduction: Multiresurrection is a subject of competition among the Religious Establishments. Workers and supervisors, due to their corrupted and hypocritical environments, use  methods such as gestures, psychological influences, vulgarism and illusions to influence the circumstances. [M.T. Al-Mansouri].


History of the topic: The circumstance of trafficking in human organs and illegal drugs  continues not only in our neighborhoods but around the world. It is a continuation of  the activities of immoral mankind since X killed Y for X reason. For instance,  the network of His Holiness  Mr. Izhak Rosenbaum from Brooklyn, U.S.A. or the daily activities of Canadian-Semitic communities who are consumers and distributors of  known and unknown illegal drugs.


The importance of this topic to Canada and Canadians: The issue of  human organs trade and illegal drugs distribution is important to Canada and Canadians, because Canada borders with the U.S., which is full of  social, economic, political, and psychological troubles. Likewise, Canada is an excellent  place to trade human organs  and  to distribute illegal drugs,  due to the good economy,  security gaps because of  multiculturalism, high  unemployment and poverty, discouragement of victims and intellectuals to talk about the mafia that  handles the human organs trade and drug trafficking. It is also important to encourage Canadians officials to protect Canada , and to coordinate with  the government to accomplish this goal.


The policy of the Canadian government with regards to human organs trade and distribution of illegal drugs: One of Canada's domestic and foreign policy goals is public safety. Canada is  concerned with building international expertise and instruments to counter the growing threats posed by the rise of organized crime.


Furthermore, the  Organization of American States (OAS) is the region’s principal multilateral forum for strengthening democracy, promoting human rights, and controlling shared problems such as poverty, terrorism, illegal drugs and corruption.


Recommendations:  Religious Establishments can be easily involved with trials and incidents and can work individually with disrespect to the Constitution or the international laws. [M.T. Al-Mansouri]. An integrated security system has the ability to endorse or champion the crimes or to cover them up through the lack of understanding and misanalyzing the information. Integrated security systems have a tendency to build mechanisms for  minority or majority communities. [M.T. Al-Mansouri]. Therefore, Canada  must act and punish the criminals by using its non-military and military tools .


Questions for Discussion:

1. Does the human organ trade exist in Canada and why?

2. Does the municipal government certain ethnic groups ? Does it show concern for all ethnic groups equally.

3. Does the Canadian media make its citizens aware of the human organ  trade? Why or why not?

4. What does Semitic mean, and what do you know about opium khat?

5. Which human organs parts could be sold in the Canadian Market? Why many people accused  in Ottawa’s hospitals of killing their infants for bone-marrow?

6. Is the network of His Holiness Mr. Rosenbaum from Brooklyn active in Canada?



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C. Videos and Pictures:

Rights  [Online] are Available:URS:

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