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Hitch your wagon to a star

Sarkozy! Wow – wow- wow! From Madagascar to Rwanda and Sana'a, the Khat opium and killing the  dove.

Sarkozy! Wow – wow- wow! From Madagascar to Rwanda and Sana'a, the kingdom unjust to the people in the mountains, hills, plains and Tihama coasts.

Sarkozy in   Al-safia Sana'a the worms ate him after his participation with the Sheikh, the killer of all sincere, thinkers and a scientist.

But the government prevented deployment of news media or probe into investigating the assassination incident and we even didn't hear or watch any news issued by human rights organizations or from the resonant French broadcasting corporation that would have condemned the government about the kidnapping, but all was insult and bigotry.


O a neighbor! O a neighbor! What is the secret of the presence of soldiers by the campus and beside each empty minaret of a religious monument!

They said  that Sarkozy kick out  a cow from Warrda Al Nhata's farm, Qrada’s donkeys saw the commotion from the neighboring farm and Al Shrama bull reacted by running away fearing being slaughtered for beef. But he plays and sings and he dances the dance of death with the hyenas that are camped in nearby bushes. Flying curious pigeons and other birds throw their refuse from high and their crap falls on the fleeing bull. Sarkozy trades in the responsibilities and studies the Semitic sheikh’s methods of terrorism, such as those exercised by Osama bin Laden.  He studied their genius, their scholarly philosophies and their expertise in wrong perception of the works of the prophet.


Sarkozy left drinking French cognac and his grandfather’s favorite wine that became sips for those who are playing into their psyche of the masses. They watched the skulls of their victims while eating berries and apples during their leisure time. And some chew Khat opium with every Yemen tyrant that kills innocent victims.

Sarkozy wraps the tube, the Al Madaa tube of its new average   and extends it to the plains of the Tihama passing through all regions, have suffered the tragedies and leaking their wounds.

I swore by who was splitting the chest and who broke the spine of his majesty. I swore by the lightning, the thunder and each cloud that may cause a tempest rain.  But these tempests of storms are from the political arena, which candidates fear to come in agreement with. Also, I swore by the rooster, my spiritual and personal character, my ambition is causing my entire tragedy attitude to injure my inner healed wounds that both Sarkozy and Cousin are at the grip of my elderly wisdom that are soft, but blinded by the famous Satiha Al Mansouri ghastly soliloquy that translated to whispering into ears of the innocent.

The nightingale enjoys singing upon fig trees [the Atin in Arabic] and the carob trees of the meadows, in the wildernesses that are defined by my grandfather’s fields in the deserts.  In Othman’s fields, some fig trees are living whereas others are dead. What has withered of the remains of the leaves faded away by desert storms and from them what became dry in the aftermath are living.


Haliasa, Waheeb and Mohammed! Saeed's mother screamed suddenly and said: "oh Allah of the Oxen, donkeys, axe and the paper. Yes, they have destroyed everything, even trees and the fields of lentils”.

My son, Waheeb in his youth became bald, as he learns of the truth that surrounded him. Also, the happiest ones of the youth became crazy. Moreover, Mohamed traded in gas so that he could burn his sons and then live in poverty. And the Senate lived in glamour, indulged in bribery and on   stretching out beds of crime in order to nourish their own crimes.  

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Halisa has told us honestly, the story of her children and also the story of  Ibn Sharefa  who infiltrated into the fields of his father incognito, disguised in  a white dress and stole the  fruits, and  then rode off to the Persians. Is Sarkozy well? Leave alone Susie and Causey who are held hostages in the house of al-Ansi or the red Almalovi!  But will he remain silent and won't request for investigation into the killings of two French women who got an illegitimate   marriage from Ibn Alahmar and Ibn Alashram who are coming from the neighborhood of Zizi's kingdom !( North African countries)


Or witness and pray for the kingdom of Dawoud and the Kingdom of Osama’s influence. The owner of the money and power! Yes, Khoury Ghianum the descendant of the King of goats and cattle.    Ghianum’s withered fields that are located in the central areas and perches.  After all, there are herds of livestock shepherd by owners with money and the spoils. And destroyed by the floods and volcanoes, which raped her off every sinful and criminals either was coming from Siberia or Belgium or Poland or the plains of Althaim.  In spite of all these facts and that their fields did not yield or grow any crops not in Mecca, Rome or in France, the country of   banquets the truth has always reminded them of their faults.


 And when Alfranja wanted to teach them lessons of useful and modern science such as Lee- Soleil lessons, the sun, science and Technology; and civilization. The descendants of inventors; the   pottery refused to learn or apply the sciences and they didn't understand or learn, but no - Cuesy so it became the latter, which was a slogan and a mask and a means of defense for them as well. So their nation remained in the era  of conquests of Alkozy and Al Sarkozy. After the passage of days,  Derham Al Majeadi, the French  investigator  attended and he had  many false and sins files from   the Yemeni  and the  Semitic  Waq - Alwaq state.


Then, he investigated and examined for Kozy and Bozy. So his disturbed mind was full of lying, fraud and buffoonery in the Kingdom of the High Commissioner Allowaq. So, he lost his  mind and broke his nerves; he cut his finger and then silently disappeared. This was his punishment because he was stupid and did not understand the issue or did not believe in the issues. It has established and has shared its crimes, but they did not and will not desist from the dilemma.


 It celebrating with the original Semitic who accused Sarkozy and Lucy and Bossi;  the rooster yelled and  told Sarkozy and lovers of crime and Causey: "oh  the caller of glory. Who said that you freed slaves, you, O Lord, and a slave to your desires   and you are the stubborn goat." In order to wake up from the situation , illusion,  take  Ms. Chadra Bant Owis Alsrowery’s  amulet on it,  is written " he and I , the star, the rain, the rainbow,Nqil  Jawajp and Al Sharaf send you the hidden forces of Morjana  and Mongraf.  So, our amulet have no doors  and it will be returned to your fields, to return back  what Ali-Yafa's rain sweeps before the slope as well as  to breaking up the crimes of yourself and your mind or your pervert souls.


The hostages detained by the antiques leader orders the martyrs buried in their senior house are the Mzdlf. At  the end, we have the right  to wonder and ask why do the two young ladies qualify to be called martyrs? They were to be Ibn Al Ahmar and the owner of sugar cane farm. As Norwegian yearn for pleasure, the ornaments, the reaction of spitting and expressions that are damaging are things to watch for. Then two preys were added to the antiques museum, lord's institutions make their Whiteman become sphincters. Also, they kill slaves in the South so that the orphans remain captivate to their boys and come to freedom in the light of Doomsday.


It has made the world go swirling! The resurrection and the emergencies are two identical parties and also two parallels that complete with each other to achieve the biggest amount of crime and engaging in treason for the exploitation of humans. Despite the magic spiritual mediators’ tricks, the use of psychological tricks and its achievements all have failed in building charters of honor or an achievement of any moral or scientific progress. What is beginning with mistakes ends with mistakes, and for the Lord, freemen are those who have got salvation and their success depends upon Salvation.

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