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A child of bones a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

A child of bones


A child of bones tries to speak with little efforts from his hanging breath.

And flies flying around him to tell stories about him. As a result of that flies notified the rich and the rulers about crumbs of food to the tables.

A child of bones destroyed by war and darkness of wars.

A child of bones the curse of wars and the curse of peace.

A child of bones is the symbol of society is divided into between sleeping and fasting.

Whereas the authorities are also busy with speeches and summits.

Treaties and summits are as obsolete as toilet papers.

The Child of bones reminds people of the stack truth about light and darkness.

The reminder of cruel murders by the sword or chainsaw.

A child of bones a reminder of dehumanizing war even in forbidden months of Ramadan.

Human rights are where all the stories of peace talks end.


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