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A flower in exile a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

A flower in exile

A flower in exile grows above rocks and stones, despite the fact of the abandonment and harshness of the ages, they continue to survive. It seems as though time is a trainer. They promised her with the song of space, glory and rain.  They are gifted with the sky in providing them with light to the earth by the moon and the sun. Then the sun went down and the moon came up at dusk through to dawn. A flower in exile grows despite its isolation and boredom. It is a Silk Road and tree forest. Flower in exile is the sign of defeat and victory in the wilderness. It's like the love of A’bla to the knight Antar. Flower in exile is a charm and madness of humans. They are like the sea beaches enjoying the tides. Flower in exile is a connotation of love of a mother and patriotism. It is a justice and a destiny with good hope.

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