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Hitch your wagon to a star

A monument of eternity, that is you (To mother Teresa)

“If you do something;
do it well and with love,
or don’t do it at all...”
(Drane Bojaxhi)

I bring flowers to your monument,
For you can bless me with love.
You’re anywhere:
O mother Teresa – Gonxhe Bojaxhi,
Fighting selfishness, this spiritual illness
was you father’s will
Pure love, your mother’s gift
Taken by you from the breast milk
To the hungry and yearning
You gave love and praying
To the abandoned ones,
You gave shelter, food and safety.
Wherever man has forgotten what love is:
Art thou!
Where man has forgotten to care for the sick:
Art thou!
Where man has forgotten to help the poor:
Art thou!
Where the poorest live among the poor:
Art thou!
Where nobody dies desperate
but in peace with God:
Art thou!
Where everyone gets a warm hand of assistance
regardless of race and nation:
Art thou!
Where instead of immorality, with selfishness and malice,
help survives with loving support:
Art thou!
Wherever in the world disasters occur,
diseases, AIDS and drugs make havoc:
Art thou!
The Nobelist for peace
Returns to people the hope
Goodness and love
Mother of love,
Turned into a monument of eternity:
Art thou!

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