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Hitch your wagon to a star

Aden and resilience a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

The crescent appears in the sky above and the rocks on the ground strengthen the powerful thundering of the falling missiles launched by jets of the coalition forces.
Huthi’eens brought pains to the land of Yemen, pains in the nights and in the day times.  The pains cause insomnia in the nights and stresses in the days.
Supposedly, there could be the rains of barrage of Wheat rather than the rains of barrage of rocks.
The pains brought in the land by the Huthi’eens aches in the head and in the chests of all Yemenese.
Sadness everywhere, sadness for everybody and sadness for the Yemenis innocent animals, wild and domesticated...And the conscience of the presence forests of barrages from the coalition forces is the order of the day. The coalition forces gives them breakfast barrage, lunch time barrage and supper barrages. Who are these Huthi'een?
Here is Aden, the steadfast, the steadfast role model of tranquility and role model of reconciliation with each other forming a united Yemen in all the South of Arabia.
Our nights and days witnessed moons of sadness. The seas of forgetfulness and rivers of innocent blood are have vanquished the once a tranquil city.  Here the compassionate character of South Arabian straight has met with the conundrums of less witty Huthi’een malice. Who is poking the Yemenis?
Therefore,  all the celestial beings should be summoned to give answers to what went wrong.

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