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Hitch your wagon to a star

An Egyptian Sonnet a Poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.


The dewdrops, the Nile waters the sea and from which humans drink. The plains and the mountains echo saying that it is enough ruin, destruction and laziness.

Egypt is the mother of the world. It is injured by Kusheh disease and boredom. Oh gentlemen! Be careful it is time for change, but kill the causes of laziness and inactivity.

Egypt is the survivor of “foreign aids”, the unemployment and people without jobs.

Egypt is the freedom, the socialism, the unity and the heroes’ people

Egypt is besieged with hypocrisy; land with spending Gaza and the conscience of nations and humanity. Lulled by the chains and jewelries.

Egypt is the factory of crossing October, the heroism of Gawad Hosni and son of the mothers.

Egypt is an age coming to the men and those freedom fighters.

Egypt is a country without emigration or aids or departure.

Egypt is the signs and the laws of the refined arts, the drowning and the earthquake.

Egypt is the country of poverty, famine and inhabited by graves of the pharaohs or the economically induced death graves, it is also a country that is surrounded by Gaza’s tunnels without moderating.

Egypt is the land of the floods and earthquakes.

Egypt is the teacher, the actor and the statue of civilization.

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