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Angels and rain a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

Angels and rain

In white clothes they came down and  blessings rained on earth.
It was a spectrum of angelic parading in the garden of Eden where there are many verities of trees that bore fruits of all times.
That was confirmation of heaven's glory. And on their heads were golden crowns of shekinah hanging above their heads.
 On their necks were golden linings glittering like lightning during rain or warning for eminent rainfall.
Lightning flashed from the sky and striking the surface of the earth. Nothing compared to the sun and the moon that are often eclipsed on either dualities.  

The grief of martyrs on the memorable date of fifteenth of October 1978, was the kind of altruism of sadness common among the broken hearted.
It has been for the rebels when two anecdotes couldn't reconcile dualities of the sun and the moon because both have different paths
and different destinies.

All these stories about martyrdom and angelic interventions are reasons why revolutions come and revolutions go.

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