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Hitch your wagon to a star




The leaves fall from top of the trees is a definition of life and after life. Autumn is a definition between life: being borne, growing into adult, aging and dying.

It keeps your name engraved on the olive leaves forever.

The tears showers from our human eyes and our spiritual eyes

The eye rains, rains and then rains tears to express sorrow or joy.

The leaves talk to me about the tyrants with efficiency.

The leaves talk to me about the rocks and the stones

A rain, rains and then a rain.

The leaves talk to me about their age and order me to be patient for mine.

The leaves talk to me about the danger and about the rural and the urban calamities.

The leaves talk to me about revolutions about to happen, those in the changes at the public square and about their falcons that help the rebels identify where the carcasses are located.


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