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Battles of Darkness a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Battles of Darkness
Battles in the dark  and battles at dawn.
Then cowards ended their speech through committing suicide. Why do they terrorise themselves? Is the god they are protecting a weak god?
No voice is louder than the sound of guns, and hearts of cowards is loaded with bullets, which when released have the speed of the hurricane.
And then the peace is ended.
Battles are like the curses that rain from the sky, clouds, sun and the moon .
It is the sin of Adam and Eve .
Battles are hidden like the sugar beets hidden under the ground until harvest time.
Then  the attempts to quell the battles are as great as the end of a dream.
Who is that who can resist battles, as Taiz  and Marib  exhaust their  older dams of ammunition.
I was disappointed about the  Houthi and the ousted president because all their political games ended in dark projects.
But the inevitable doom that affected all these battles were the  will come  out victorious and peace to prevail on earth. 

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