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Category: Crime short stories: Black Comedy from the Land Of “Arabia Flex” by M.T.Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

An introduction to the story : Black Comedy from the Happy Land, a short story, tells us about the secret world of clandestine networks that operate by killing human beings and trafficking their organs to many countries, mainly Germany. Moreover, it explains how the criminals use deception to cover their own tracks.
Mohamed Adam, the slaughterer of the University of Sana’a, is one of the criminals. He became involved in this network through both the Yemeni and the former Iraqi regime security and intelligence. Both these organizations exploited Yemen as a place to obtain wealth, and for criminal actions. Some ministers and professors were involved in committing the crimes. These people work for Sana’a University and in both governmental and private sectors.

The issues of the disappearance of students and others continues to this day despite the execution of Mohamed Adam.

The author lived at the University of Sana'a for nearly a year and knew much about what is going on in the underground and in the minds of its intelligence. He followed and participated in the discovery of the crime with a Yemenite friend, who works in the administrative board of the University of Qatar. The author worked with some Sudanese consultants during the arrest of the assassin in order to push the issue in the right direction and to encourage the Sudanese to protect their Adam Mohamed, who is portrayed by the intelligence as both a killer and a victim.

Black Comedy from the Land Of “Arabia Flex”

It started with a police rescue and deliverance. The rallied people and displayed public were shouting in a loud voice " Rescue the Sudanese from Yemenite enormous and harsh oppression because, he ceased and dragged him to a separate prison alone until his body became weak and feeble. O cats of the villages and cities of Sudan, stir up trouble against the Yemen's rats and mice, which they filled, occupied our stores, ruined completely all our expected future and made Mohamed to dress the shroud and covered with winding sheet. Then, glorify to the great Lord that either Sudanese or Yemenis people are in complete failure. Are the cheap governors will here and answered them?"

It's their evil atrocious crime; they identified Mohamed with the only brutal, murderous and killer. Hence, my response reaction is I carried the skull, which looks similar to him aiming to prevent the repetition and continuous process of an evil in the small country called Small Princess. But his hundred and thousand, who are semi to guardsmen, snipers and insincerity hypocrites uttered in a loud shout at me. In spite of that I was insisted to asked him, who named him Mohamed, and is he the only killer?

Then he told his visit story to the Pleasant Land, the county of councils to safe money and furniture. However; he become acted as autopsies and anatomist in the bodies and slaughtered violently alive people as he was commanded and demanded not only by influenced and controlled authorities but also by cannibalisms of humans and brides. He added he is not their only hero and knight's man.

In one hand, they added to him a descriptive name that he is looking similar to a chameleon. On the other hand, they gave to him the permission and consent to practice not only their inhuman ceremonial rites but also his cruel inhuman rites in the streets of that city, which its people are in catastrophes and affliction generation proceeding a generation.

Then in time, the delegation of the killer, murder, knight and victim came to negotiate and rescue his prey and wild man. After that, the delegation acted and treated with tribes' customs and traditions, so; they bring with them goats, cattle's and bulls armed with daggers and old swords.

As a result of this behavior, the judges, ministers and sheiks were in great pleasure and joy. Furthermore, they chanted to thank the delegation by saying: "Your goats and bulls are beautiful and adorable, they will not only reconcile and settle our disputes, resolve our retaliations, corruptions, scandals, stigmas and evil crimes, but also they will be our good examples to follow and enlighten our people. Moreover, they will be fictional for our nice theater's stages".

In addition, they ended the tragedy by their declaration that the gift of animals that the delegation offered is not only the good example of our cooperation and our mutual benefits but also for directing and to developing the individuals' and tribes' cultures and traditions. Like this the ruler of preys decided to fall down the curtain of his theater and to end the atrocious crime. While the public excited to deny and condemn the crime, and its' supporters . Then, the ruler executed Mohamed after charging him alone.

As a result of their traditions Mohamed rebirths , resurrects , incarnates and clones into Mohameds. Thus the atrocities are repeated daily before the collapse of the Great Dam of Marib.

Finally, the raven appeared, scoffed and put a curse of the black comedy of the ''Happy Land''.

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