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Donald Throop’s Introduction to M.T. Hidden Book


The Rooster and the Sea is a collection of poetry written by M.T. Al-Mansouri, and it describes the world conflict between the truth (good) and falsehood (evil). It is for all ages to explore the known, unknown, seen and unseen worlds in order to increase readers’ imaginations and to help them gain an understanding of the secrets of the world in which they live and will live.

The Rooster and the Sea is based not only on imaginary concepts, but also the true. [M.T.Al-Mansouri].

Donald Throop’s Introduction to M.T. Hidden Book

The Eastern World is replete with tales and yarns, which are enigmatic and impossible to comprehend from the Western point of view.
This is the case with “ the Rooster and the Sea”.
The work, by Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik, ranges through the whole menagerie of domestic animals, until Aesop’s Fables, are inevitably invoked.
The intention and meaning of the literary composition are hidden in symbolism and prophecy.

The subtext remains illusory, as to the objective. The rhetoric is buried in secrecy and obscure references.
Psychological issues are exposed and withdrawn into calculated constructs of indefiniteness.
The Rooster is presented as a totem of virility and dominance; The sea as a vast expanse of potential energy.
An impression is revealed as a sort of deep and unfathomable mystery of significant importance, which must be solved in order to find peace of mind.
The solution is to be determined by an analysis of the inner meaning of the segments of the prose.
The compelling nature of the narrative permits examination into its ultimate meaning and promise.
Literary detection is required to render it in understandable terms, that are precise and allow an unquestioned belief in things that are not normally exposed in modern society.
The coded message of this composition can bring a logical balance, when the cryptic meaning of perception and understanding is presented.

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