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Energy and Agricultural Environment by M T Al-Mansouri

The evaluation of biological-agricultural results in multi-directional plant cultivation in the crop-rotation system and in conditions of extreme specialization - the mono-culture system; Evaluating the possibilities of diminishing the negative-biological and production results of continuous cultivation by pesticide application; The economic evaluation of input, the structure and efficiency of human labour and accumulated energy spent on the agro-technological process. The experiment was carried out in two phases. In the first phase, on the basis of technological cards, including agro-technological activities, material input, obtained yield, the group of proper equivalents, very detailed documentation for each species was made. The results of the above are presented in annexes 1-5 ( RZESZUTEK et al. 1995/96, TAWFlK SALAM et al. 1995/96a, 1995/96b, ZAWIŚLAK et al. 1995, 1995/96 ). In the second phase, this dissertation was written as a synthesis of data enabling the comparison of the experimental objects for all plant species. Working with the data, the common methods of natural yield evaluation was used (grain, seeds, roots) as well as the adventive crop (straw, leaves).

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