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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Eighteen

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Thirty Four

The diplomatic lines of Republics and Kingdoms of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Somali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Džibúti , Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, French, China, Qatar, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates are non-grata due to their dishonest works in national and international area. They ask for financial and logistic supports from Canadian government. They use most of countries for illusionary jobs, and their intelligence groups are working under the influence of temptation of wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf and the dictators of the World.

(i). A networks of espionages, illegal transactions, terrorisms, prostitutions , human organs trafficking and assassinations

Group that belong to diplomatic line of Yemen and their deviations. This network’s members with integrated security system of Syria, former Iraq’s regimes activists, as well as with Lebanese, Iranian and Kuwaiti integrated security systems of the diplomatic lines and their radical religious Islamic movements use names of Al-Mansouries and Al-Sourrories relatives and their combinations in general, and in particular names and images of their actors and leaders etc. Their purposes to hide their activities as well as their crimes and crime of their leaders of the past countries that they came from.

(2). To the previous groups mentioned in serial 17, belong activists and fighters who use the national hockey sports heroes etc. For instance, Mr. Wayne Gretzky to spread his image, and his semi images and their replications for hidden ideology.

Fighters are group of social workers, mediators who act illusionary for group of political and economic presures of the world . Also they aim to spy the Canadian national and international companies and inisitutions. Teachers of ESL of Algunqein College are responsibles of the hidden missions and illegal tranactions and espionages with corborations of national and international Companies e.g. workers agents who act for Norton Company or share Hollywood some ideas to adveritse new ideas. Agents advertise for dead, ill and dishonest and criminal past teachers, promoters and supervisors of the past to erize the national, recent ,real and honest teachers and leaders. To Mentioned countries above belong Egpt, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Palstine, India , Pakistan, Romania , Poland, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Israel and Hungry as well as dishonest businessmen of the World of hidden religious and non-religious insitutions. All these groups created illegal hidden and non-hidden environments of fights to illusion the world of securty.

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