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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Three

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Nineteen

1. An active terrorist and criminal cell that shares its crimes with the diplomatic line of Republic of Yemen . It works against the human rights issues in Canada and most countries of the world.

It uses illegal drugs to get going with jobs and activities Moreover, it transfers the illegal new Semitic drug to most countries of the World. Islamic Centers are some of this group places .

This group also supports the Al-Qadea’s ideology of hate , discrimination and terrorism. Nationalistic and radical groups of this network are supported by the diplomatic lines of Arab and some Islamic countries whom are advised by the former Iraqi’s regime activists and supporters. Members of this group hold the Canadian ID to hide their crimes and activities locally and overseas. They dame the Canadian opinion and reputation.

Names of the activists in Ottawa’s area are the following:

The moncitizenship is the new Canadian governmental task. The diplomatic lines of Republics of Yemen and Poland are non grata with their masks.

The recent and formers ambassadors of Yemen and informants in some hidden centers. As well as Nasser Al-Sakaf and his family groups some of them live in Marion Dewar building at Kent - Cooper street, downtown Ottawa. The other members of this network live. in Gatineau and share their illegal actions with the diplomatic lines of some African and Islamic countries. Restaurants and religious establishments are some of their seats .

This group’s map of illegal transactions , terrorist and crimes is Africa, Western countries like Germany, the U.K. , the United States of America and the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Yemenite communities members are some of this network, and it is supported ideologically by some Canadian-Arab nationalistic and Islamic politicians such Dr. Qais Ghanem , Farouk Amman, and the ideological members of the Lebanese and Syrian Churches, and establishments such as ACUGA. They corroborate with the former Eastern block to espionage.

Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part one and Two


The Origin and the Sources

M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

2. Another group works from MacLaren Street 415 and communities. It duplicates the Canadian administrational members of communities, establishments, and organizations into former Jewish of African or Eastern European countries or the Middle East Jewish or Christian and non-Christian groups of beliefs to hide its crimes and illegal activities locally and internationally.

It also uses the Catholicism as a mask for cover its hate, discrimination, illegal activities and espionages. This group is supported by the gaps at the Catholic religious and non religious establishments and organizations. The diplomatic line of Poland is one of the supporters. Irish images and characters is one of the methods that are looking for.

Dino is one of the images of this group and works for Ottawa’s housing spiritually and administratively, and his images is uses to hide the crimes of mentioned network. Mr. I.I. Isaac the Canadian citizen, who immigrated from Sudan Republic is one of the images of pro-African, socialistic, radical and Jewish state, that the hidden groups uses to hide their illegal activities locally and internationally.

This network also uses the mask of radical Jewish, Islamic Arabic, former socialistic terrorists and criminals groups to hide its activities. Arabic and polish communities are one of their places. Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as Islamic activists abuse the Law in general and particular the Arabic and Polish branches.

Semitic illegal drug calls Khat spreads in North

America and Europe

3. The third group works with the diplomatic lines of Syria and other Arabic diplomatic lines represented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Mr. Ahmed Murad who is a member and responsible at the Club of Press at Ottawa and the residence of River Side, and Mr. Nagi Shawish , the Pharmacist who lives at Ottawa and works with the Egyptian diplomatic line. This nationalistic group hides its activities in houses, bars, apartments, restaurants, casinos and religious establishments. The espionage against the Canadian and American systems with the Chinese worldwide mafia!

These groups use the telepathy to disorder the work of the RCMP and other secret groups to interpret into Canadian organizations, companies and Victories etc.

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