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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Fifteen

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Thirty one

The diplomatic lines of Republics and Kingdoms of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Somali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Džibúti , Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, French, China, Qatar, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates are non-grata due to their dishonest works in national and international area. They ask for financial and logistic supports from Canadian government. They use most of countries for illusionary jobs, and their intelligence groups are working under the influence of temptation of wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf and the dictators of the World.

Family’s relatives and sons of the diplomatic line of Yemen play main role in spreading crimes of terrorisms, illegal transactions, spreading illegal drugs, prostitutions in Canada and overseas.

(f). A network of espionages, illegal transactions, terrorisms, prostitutions , human organs trafficking and assassinations.

  1. A group that belong to YMCA/YMWCA and United Churches of Canada and Food Banks e.g. the one that is located at Bank Street and Argyle Avenue. Mr. Jack is one of the activists who work against the security system with his corroborations with French-Catholic , Polish and Irish brotherhoods organizations . Members of this group is Mr. Lee Armstrong and his co-workers. To this network belong agents of French Department of Separations Quebec province who acts with Lebanese , French Yemenite and African pro-French criminals who act nationally and internationally to hide crimes of third word’s leader as well as their crimes.

  1. The second group that belong to Buddhist Temple and acts to the same purposes mentioned above is represented by the Willow’s street residency officials, as well as by Mr. Asilda, the Canadians and the Sri Lanka former citizen, who residents Downtown Ottawa; Kent street. This network acts illusionary and dishonestly for Canadian government with its Islamic and nationalistic Arabic as well as with agents of Eastern European countries. It encourages the culture of violence, terrorism and espionages and illegal transactions and crimes.

  1. The third set of dishonest workers , which works dishonestly with Canadian and American governments, and investors. Members of this set belong to the diplomatic line of Kuwait and Arabian Gulf States and their integrated security systems of Arabic , nationalistic and Islamic states. Al-Fadliy’s family workers and investors of the diplomatic lines of Kuwait who acts from Shit institutions as well as from the Universities of America like the New Mexico and other American Islamic organizations. This set corroborates with non-religious establishments to act against the international security systems, and to enhance the culture of hates, prostitutions, discriminations and illegal transactions.

  1. The Fourth network belong to Sir Chinmoy the worldwide organization and institution . This network spreads its legal and illegal activities through religious and inspirational issues.

  1. His Mercy the institution that belong to the United Church and located in Vanier –Ottawa district is the fifth set which has active members that spreads the culture of hates and discriminations. Its corroborates with members of the field of psychology of several Canadian organizations and institutions like Ottawa and Saint Paul University , Ottawa Branch. Representatives and groups of researchers of these institutions act against the real achievements of researches owing to the administrational, organizational, and discrimination corruptions, and inhuman actions of both ill people and the organizational units of doctors, social workers, social powers who encourage the culture of spreading mental illnesses for several targets.

  1. The sixth group that spreads hates, violence and discriminations in order to invest in terrorisms , crimes and espionages belong not only to several Jewish businessmen, but also to religious and atheistic establishments of the selected people. They support culture of illusions and globalizations the crimes to escape from the responsibilities. OPL Ottawa’s main branch is full of activists who fight with Islamic, Nationalistic and Worldwide activists to encourage to mentioned purposes. One of the activists who abuses the law works under the name Murdoch-Nancy the resident of YMCA/YWCA and responsible of the national and international security systems. Muroh is a teacher of psychology and religion who acts to protect gangs.

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