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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Fourteen




Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Thirty





The diplomatic lines of Republics and Kingdoms of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Somali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Džibúti , Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, French, China, Qatar, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates are non-grata due to their dishonest works in national and international area. They ask for financial and logistic supports from Canadian government. They use most of countries for illusionary jobs, and their intelligence groups are working under the influence of temptation of wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf and the dictators of the World.




To the previous members of terrorisms, hates, discriminations, espionages and illegal transactions belong the next members:



1. Al-Qadasi Khalid Mohamed Khasim who shares illegal activities and hides crimes for radical movements in national and international area by spreading the culture of hates, discriminations, prostitutions and illusionary works. He is an active member of radical movements, who works against civil rights of people in national and international area of the World.


He works with some family’s members of the criminal officials of interior ministry of Yemen and his relatives in the department of National Security of the interior ministry , as well as with some friends of illegal transactions and groups of Sana’a University and private companies. To this network belong Mr. Sadik Nowman Al-Nabhani, who works with the criminals of the ministry of interior and acts with criminal moved from Africa e.g. Sudan, Ethiopia etc.


To mentioned members above, there are hidden members who belong to the officials of ministry of Gas and Petroleum and diplomatic members of Yemenite Embassy in both Ottawa and Washington DC. This network fabricates documents and circumstances nationally and internationally to hide crimes and activities of criminals of the World e.g. the case of the Ambassadors of Yemen in Ottawa , India and U.S.A. etc. Or for members of Jihad’s movements around the World.



The former Ambassador of Yemen Dr. Abdullah Abdul Wali, who acts in the past against human rights issues and involved with Yemenite regimes in committing crime. His Excellency, recently lives in Ottawa to continue covering crimes of his organizers.

To the same network belong Al-Jazidy’s family group that acts from States of Qatar , Yemenite diplomatic lines and informational Centers. Branch of the family in Ottawa’s acts with Lebanese business men, communities representatives, lawyers, NVN7 Auto Cars Company.


2. Abdul Karim, the former consultant of the diplomatic line of Yemen, who lives in Ottawa, the KGB agent who advertise for illegal marriage transactions with the relatives of the diplomatic lines of Yemen and one of the challenger of the groups that work and act from houses, business, informational centers and embassy.


3. A group that acts from apartments , embassies and casinos that works under the umbrella of the present of the Head’s of Yemenite Regime’s Council Mr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani and his family groups.


To this group belong Al-Moflihy’s family, this family offers their family relatives for marriages or prostitutions to hide crimes of leaders or to achieve its target ( Nassr Al-Moflhi’s, who worked for statistic Canada, and moved to Saudi Arabia is the logistic and the organizer and the multi-agent), the former Ambassador of Yemen Mr. Moustafa Al-Nowman , who recently committees crimes in India against the human rights, Abdul Wahab Saeed (NVN7: Ottawa) , Mr. Ahmed Murad (Syrian Community and the diplomatic line of Syria), Nagi Shawish (Egyptian diplomatic line: Egyptian Community), and Abdul Latif Al-Shargabi ( Yemenite diplomatic line: Yemenite Community and Canadian Citizen). This group hides its crimes via the prostitutions and acts with several agents from religious and business centers with corroborations of African groups.

The groups of Ahmed Murad calls the spider and corroborates with Tunisian and Libyan agents.


Agents who work with Mr. Abdul Wahab Saeed and the former Iraqi’s regime calls the Cobra, this set it works with the Foreign, interior and defense Ministries of Yemen .


4. Yemenite Libyan Islamic and nationalistic movement group represented by Mr. Amen Shamsan who acts and advertises against the international security systems. He acts from Mosques and Islamic Institutions of America (California), and Yemenite media that acts for the same purposes and represented by radical , tribal and supporters of crimes and distributing illegal drugs and transactions or doing illusionary jobs in fighting against terrorism. Al-Kahri, Al-Muthil, Al-Mawari, Al-Dabiani Omar and members of centers are an examples.


5. Another group that takes place and acts from Islamic centers, houses and hidden offices is the Islamic collection that participates illusionary in development national and international peace process. To this assemblage belong the owner of Islamic center Mr. Solemn, and another business men who act for Saudi Arabia to spread the culture of terrorism, hate and discrimination.


To this group be in the right place some psychiatrics and psychologists who work for Canadian Mental Health Association like Rina, the assistant of Dr. Luahi, and groups that act in their names against the freedom and civil rights, they only act to cover crimes of Islamic movements nationally and internationally. Roxanne is the name of an agent that is used by the integrated security system to hide names of the criminal activists.



This network fights with Hindi radical movements in Canada and overseas. One of the representatives of Hindi movements is Mr. Bridge and his informational agency in Ottawa, which works dishonestly for Canadian government.



6. Another group of Iraqi, Pakistani, Hindi , Somali, and Iranian that abuses the law and replaces the family members and their names to build illusionary empire and to hide crimes of their movements. This group acts with logistic help of Shiite, and Sunni Islamic establishments, and Kuwaiti diplomatic line.


Roger’s the assistant of Ottawa- Carleton School Board is one of the sinner and innocent of this group likewise Rogers Company and Star Bucks Coffee. This group is supported by Lebanese and Tunisian business men who advertise for minorities programs or local business. They fight also with Israeli’s agents who takes Ottawa’s as a place to spread hate, crimes and illegal transactions.





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