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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Seventeen

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Thirty Three

The diplomatic lines of Republics and Kingdoms of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Somali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Džibúti , Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, French, China, Qatar, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates are non-grata due to their dishonest works in national and international area. They ask for financial and logistic supports from Canadian government. They use most of countries for illusionary jobs, and their intelligence groups are working under the influence of temptation of wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf and the dictators of the World.

(h). A networks of espionages, illegal transactions, terrorisms, prostitutions , human organs trafficking and assassinations

1. Group that belong to diplomatic line of Yemen and their deviations. This network’s members with integrated security system of Syria, former Iraq’s regimes activists, as well as with Lebanese, Iranian and Kuwaiti integrated security systems of the diplomatic lines and their radical religious Islamic movements use names of Al-Mansouries and Al-Sourrories relatives and their combinations in general, and in particular names and images of their actors and leaders etc. Their purposes to hide their activities as well as their crimes and crime of their leaders of the past countries that they came from.

In addition; to the mentioned diplomatic lines they get logistic and financial supports from the U.A.E. diplomatic lines to fabricate evidences and doing illusionary jobs in Canadian institutions and communities.

These days the act with logistic supports of Jack Purcell Community Centers members, visitors and security lifeguard or security systems by using the images of Islamic and non-Islamic images.

Names of some members of these groups mentioned in the previous serials. In addition; to these names is the name of the volunteer and social worker activist Mrs or Mis Rawan.

Communities members and the integrated security systems works characterized by fights about historical issues. They use the Arabic delicates to hide these issues and divided people to former socialistic groups or familial names of Al-Mansouries and Al-Sourorries and so on.

Egyptian names of actors and Syrian names and images of students of their hidden members of organization are used by both diplomatic lines of Syria and Egypt; and their integrated members and friends.

2. Group that belongs to the former Pope of Vatican which is interested to life in the past and represented by the polish members of diplomatic lines and national and international institutions.

3. Group that uses the real and true images of disable people to hide their crimes, and crimes of real criminals who use the psychological issues as one of the methods to spread hates, discriminations and crimes. This network represented by Polish new businessmen, and by both Jewish and Arabic nationalistic groups of the criminal capitalists.

Former Yugoslavia historical topics, leaders and images of them are one of methods to introduce real people, and thing to unknown elements. These methods also use by several other groups of Semitic countries that uses the actors and the names of the family relatives and friends names or of any human being mentioned names or the past or future!.

American actors Tom Cruise name is one of the images of swimming pool members of Jack Purcell Community and recreation Centers and uses for fight and hidden activities of the ESL Teachers of Algonquin College and its network. This set represented by the integrated security system of the sensitive group of pro- and anti peace process, or the fatherhood or motherhood of new or young or old generations.

Piercing and Tattoos are a subject matter of the same groups. The lifeguard Mr. Shun is one of people who has some arts on his body, which is a subject matter to hidden and non-hidden activists of organizations. He describes by these activists as a Jewish or Syrian. They purpose to erase his identity. Name of him and his features confused they describers.

Bulgarian members and its network fights with Polish and Arabian former visitors and representatives of the Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Yemeni and United Arab Emirates diplomatic lines .

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