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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Five

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Twenty One

1.A group of pro terrorism and crimes that works from the Islamic religious Doctorane of Sunit Establishments similar to Ottawa Main Mosque at Scoot Street and another hidden Centers in Ottawa and the World.

It is supported Ideologically and logistically by the Molla Sheik Al-Karadawi, the main consultant of Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani , the Prince of the State of Qatar.

Most of the workers and activists, who belong to this network act mainly from the Islamic and Arabic countries like Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, the States of the Arabian Gulf and their citizens abroad. They work against the national and international security systems by objecting the Canadian and Western countries constitutions, customs and traditions.

This collection characterize by illegal transactions, fraud documents, crimes, cheat and pirate.

It works with black Islamic movements of North America. It is also supported by the diplomatic lines of the Arabic nationalistic countries like Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Yemen , former Soviet Union Republics and Pakistan etc.

The moncitizenship is the new Canadian governmental task. The diplomatic lines of Republics of Yemen and Poland are non grata with their masks.

2. The second group of pro terrorism , violence , hate , discrimination and illegal transactions and espionage, is the group that work from the Shiti’s Religious Establishments and its hidden Centers and organizations. This set belongs ideologically and logistically mainly to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

Both mentioned groups hide their crimes by using the family issues, and culturally and ideologically fight with other families of different religions in general with Hindi race and beliefs, and in particular with these who do not rooted to the Far East or the European and American non- Semitic religious convictions.

In addition, they provoke the public opinion and encourage social violence by not recognizing the official languages of Canada in their media, daily life activities nor the Canadian leaders, the family’s law for instance, the marriage , child care, and the health and security systems.

The mentioned groups also are supported by the Saudi’s Kingdom diplomatic lines and illegal business people , who works dishonestly for Canadian government as well as for my family relative since the September 11, 2010 when the Canadian government gave them the task to recognize the civil rights for Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourroris’ family relatives who live in the Republic of Yemen!

The Islamic branch and radical groups of the diplomatic lines of the State of Kuwait represented by the Ambassador of Kuwait and agents who work against the national and worldwide security coordination like Polish and former Iraqi regime diplomatic lines, who works from in the Yemenite informational centers, and diplomatic lines of Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. (See the previous reports part 1-4 by clicking the below links).

Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part One to Four

3. The third active network that stand by terrorism and crimes and works under the umbrella of prostitutions, bribe , cheating and fraud the documents and circumstances is the group that belong to the Arabic nationalistic regimes. This association works with the diplomatic lines of Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Jordan, United States of America, Kuwait, the Arabian Gulf States, Yemen, Morocco, and Canada -Montreal etc. The Establishments religious and no-religious are some of their places, restaurants and Canadian-Catholic Organizations too.

In Ottawa they are directed by the activists of former Iraqi’s regime supporters, who act from Moroccan’s restaurants, which are located in Preston street and from Al-Kasbah Moroccan Cousin at Laurier street.

4. The fourth active group of pro violence, illegal transactions, prostitutions, hates ,discriminations , and sexual temptations of the leaders and officials, is the group of the diplomatic lines of the Republic of Poland and the former Eastern European States and their integrated security systems.This set works under the umbrella of the Catholic and non-Catholic organizations and institutions as well with the Socialistic groups and Parties.

They aim to penetrate into the Western governmental and non-governmental organizations with the support of Arabic diplomatic lines of the nationalistic countries like the diplomatic lines of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, China, Lebanon or the radical countries like Iran and Israeli and their informational centers. Some of the representative of this group are the ESL ‘s teachers of Canadian Catholic and non-Catholic School Board and Colleges, ,Universities and Embassies of Foreign countries and their networks.

They support the separatism of Quebec province, they also work against the Anglo-Saxon race and Canadian constitutions .

They Syrian and Lebanese diplomatic line and their integrated security systems and the former Yugoslavian’s activists are some of the participants. Yemenite agents with the their diplomatic officials hide their crimes and illegal activities with the logistic support of French and Chinese mafias, who work from the Embassies or from the Institutions. Hindi’s integrated security system of anti-Imperialism is one of the main participations in these actions.

These groups build an individual RCMP ,Security groups, lawyers and doctors etc for illegal transactions.

5. Another Catholic groups who work under the legends , images of Holy Ghosts and spirits of famous and great people like the Pope of Rome and Mother Teresa not recognize the freedom of believes and the family’s issues of the Canadian constitutions. Ghosts and hidden activities are one of their facial appearances. Their jobs are a gap in the national and international security system.

All of they groups divided the Canada’s family and its confederation into religious and non-religious sections to hide crimes and illegal works.

Semitic illegal drug calls Khat spreads in North

America and Europe

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