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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part One By M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

The diplomatic lines of Republics and Kingdoms of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Somali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Džibúti , Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, French, China, Qatar, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates are non-grata due to their dishonest works in national and international area. They ask for financial and logistic supports from Canadian government. They use most of countries for illusionary jobs, and their intelligence groups are working under the influence of temptation of wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf and the dictators of the World.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part One

The International Integrated Security Systems in Canada and the World are in dilemma due to the masks and dishonest works of the spies of Middle East , former Eastern European Countries and the third world. They aim to cover their crimes , crimes of their leaders and organizations. They use the family names of the Prophet Mohammed , the trinities and holy spirits to hide their illegal activities. Down town Ottawa is full of places for their dishonest actions e.g. James Pub at Bank Street, Atomic Rooster Dom Polski, Jack Purcell Community Centre, Arts Cenre, Spark and Bank Streets, the Lord Elgin Hotel, and Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel.

They are supported by the pro-terrorist and criminal countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Poland, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Libya, Yemen, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, former Eastern European countries, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Palestinian State (s), Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, France, Morocco, Nigeria and South America, Algeria, South America and Mexico, Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Polish Churches for instance, Roman Catholic and Islamic Centers work in corporations to progress another religions in their illegal and illusionary behaviors .The exploit the gaps in Irish communities centers, organizations and diplomatic lines. Financially and logistically they are supported by illegal American radical of the religious organizations and establishments.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Two

The diplomatic lines of Egypt, Yemen with corporation of Saeed’s family and Taiy are working pro-terrorism in Canada and North America. They use India’s motherhood to cover their crimes . Gleb Community Center and Jack Purcell, United Churches, Embassies and houses are some of their places to act against the laws (Masks is the International Security System of Arab nationalists, Muslim brotherhood of the Gulf as well as communism and socialism). Their issues of immigrations have to be investigated with their diplomatic representatives in Ottawa.

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) with Yemenite diplomatic lines and communities are working against the law with corporation with Mr. Nasser ( Nationalism, and Muslim brotherhood organizations) they are trying to hide crimes of themselves, and crimes of pro-terrorist of past, recent and future immigrants and leaders.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Three

The diplomatic lines of Egypt, Yemen with corporation of Saeed’s family and Taiy are working pro-terrorism in Canada and North America. They use India’s motherhood to cover their crimes . Gleb Community Center and Jack Purcell, United Churches, Embassies and houses are some of their places to act against the laws (Masks is the International Security System of Arab nationalists, Muslim brotherhood of the Gulf as well as communism and socialism). Their issues of immigrations have to be investigated with their diplomatic representatives in Ottawa.

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) with Yemenite diplomatic lines and communities are working against the law with corporation with Mr. Nasser ( Nationalism, and Muslim brotherhood organizations) they are trying to hide crimes of themselves, and crimes of pro-terrorist of past, recent and future immigrants and leaders.

The diplomatic lines of Egypt, Yemen(s), Iraq(s) with corporation of Saeed’s family and the warriors of the Gods of Islamic main religious establishment represented by Somali Community , Islamic Sudanese Community, and the pro-Syrian and Iranian doctrines. The are working pro-terrorism, and against Canadian’s systems of immigration, education , monetary and Health systems in North America. They use India’s, and Somali’s motherhoods to cover their crimes . They use also the Arabic and Polish dialects to hide their crimes. They are active in Metcalfe Street , OPL and TD Canada Trust . They use the Islamic establishments too, and corporate with Center Town Community Center.

Culturally, they insult the workers due to their beliefs as well as their odor , race and ability to do works (disable people). They aim by that to hide their crimes in illegal transactions of drugs and immigration’s issues as well as to the facilities that Canada’s gives.

They cover their illegal activities by the facilities of the diplomatic lines give to them. They corporate with French spies as well as the separators of Quebec province. Lebanese are taking part in these activities and they are working with agents who live in MacLaren Street 415 , Quickie Mart at Bank street and other places like Rideau Center, and other Shopping Molls.

Former Iraq’s regime they activate their pro-terrorism actions via the diplomatic lines of Yemen and facilities given by the hidden power of pro-terrorism of other Islamic and non-Islamic diplomatic lines of Middle East. They use the gaps in the Canadian security systems (Monoculturalism, and the immigration).

Some of the representative of illegal activities are Sami Saeed, Osbi, who lives in Mississauga Toronto, and Mr. Gover, who lives in Windsor, Ontario. They are active in American borders too.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Four

Activists of Pro-terrorism and criminal organizations represented by Lebanese and Syrian diplomatic lines with corporations of some Canadian business , cultural, and educational institutions like Scotia Bank of Bank street , Ottawa University, Restaurants and Bakeries of Bank Street. Represented by the organizer Mr. Gaffer Abu Hassan and Anderea Iskaffe, the scientific men.

Their activities mostly in Spark street, they work from International Clothiers and HMV , the 7 Days Restaurants and Ale House and Pub, Baalbek Convenience and Shawarmas Resturant , Ashtar Restaurant. As well as Gas Stations, 232-0-232 for Pizza, Royal Variety Convenience, Hartman’s’ Convenience Store , Esquires Smoke Shop ,Sharah’s Grocery Market , the Royal Variety Convenience Store, Scotia Bank, Islamic Center, Dollar Sign, International Game Place Office, Gvace Ottawa Grocery Store ( Bank street).

Their Integrated Security Systems work against national and international security systems, and they penetrate to Canadian institutions illegally and build illegally business in order to support the terrorist and criminal organizations in North America and over seas.

They corporate with socialist activists of former Soviets Union in the Embassy of Yemen some of their names are mentioned in the previous reports, and some new names are Abdulkarim the former Yemenite socialist diplomatic activist , Ryiad Akbari, and the groups activist of Dr. Qais Ghanem, the poet , medical doctor and the activist of Green Party as well Mr. Saeed, the Iraqi socialist of MacLaren Street 415, and Mr. Asam Sharifa, the writer and the multi-agent of diplomatic lines. They work with corporations with the Owner of the House religious Establishments as well as others Eastern Religious Establishments, that provide hate and work dishonestly for Canadian governments as well as for the World.

The second group is working with corporation of Islamic , and Socialistic centers and communities like Polish cultural and business organizations and they fight with each other culturally , religiously as well as in illegal transactions . They also fight with groups of Canadian –Jewish Communities business men and some of their places are the UPS Store, Shawarma’s Restaurants, Walckas’ Galleries, and Paradisco Restaurants and Pubs, Communities and Universities as well as business organizations for instance, G.P.C Lab Digital and Custom Photo Finishing at Bank St. ( Spies of Socialistic Groups of Republic Of Poland).

The integrated Security systems build their empire by using names of their leaders and scientists of their former countries as well as their dishonest cultural, religious and business issues to build shadows and authorities that are unrelated to Canadian laws and constitutions and to participate in political, economic and social corruptions.

The spies are using Arabic and former eastern European languages dialects to hide their crimes as well as Islamic and pre-historic radical issues.

Some of their names are the follwing:

Ahmed Al-Sosi, who work downtown Ottawa the immigrant from United Arab Emirates, Hussam who lives in Mission Downtown.

Gihad , who works from OPL main Branch, Fuzia, the new activist at OPL, Mousses the former immigrant of Somali and United Arab Emirate, and Abtisam, the Canadian Moroccan immigrant, who work for YMCA employment Center.

The third groups is working from restaurants like Basmati Restaurant at Somerset, and OPL main branch, which is used by former Bathes activist with the diplomatic line of Republic of Yemen and Saudi’s Kingdom, and Polish Embassy and Islamic radical groups represented by Sudanese activist and their regime . Mr. Abdul Rahman and Abood and former workers of Al-Madina’s Grocery store at Bell St, Gladstone and they collaborate with French separatists of Quebec province.

Their spaces are MacLaren St. 415 and Shawarma’s restaurant at Bank street and Rideau Center downtown Ottawa. Some of their name are Suzanne, who lives at MacLaren at Bank street 415, and Mr. Isam, the Lebanese activist and pro-terrorism and illegal transactions.

Additionally, some francophone’s who support terrorism and crimes in Canada and North America. They are supported by diplomatic lines of Yemeni Embassy and its informational Centers in Canada. the Moroccan diplomatic line, the United Arab Emirates diplomatic Corpse and by the former hidden Iraqis regime activists.

They act to hide their illegal transactions and activities from Yemeni Community and Islamic Centers too.

The Tunisian activist of radical and non-radical Islamic groups are working by using the masks of pro CIA from the Barber Salon at Cooper street. and another places.

The fourth groups of terrorism and criminals are represented by former and new regime of Polish Embassy and its integrated security systems, they act from the Churches by using the facilities of Catholic and Non-Catholic Churches and organizations to fight against the United Church with its peaceful ideology and Canadian constitutions and systems. They support the radical Irishisms to damage the security system.

Thier mutual with Islamic Centers to hide their illegal activities and some of their supporters are the diplomatic lines of Syria, Iran, Yemen and Libya. Names of some activists are Khalid, the Libyan business man and Mr. Fouad, the Libyan activist of Islamic Centers. Their places are the Employment Centers, Tim Horton’s and Restaurants.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Five

The establishments of most religious are involve in terrorism and crimes e.g. the Willow’s street establishment of Buddhism Institutions, which shares the crimes and illegal activates with former Iraqis regime , which is supported by the Arabian Gulf states e.g. Qatari’s, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates diplomatic lines in Canada.

They abuse the laws and systems by the help and the facilities that are given by the former eastern block, and they cover their crimes by using illusionary names of their families , actors scientists and hollies. They transfer their crimes and the crimes of former leaders in order to continue living in the same circumstances. They use also the facilities of the Islamic centers that deal with the Holly person Mr. Karazawi , as well as with non-radical Qatari, Kuwaiti and United Arab Emirates Institutions. Some of the agents and builders of terrorist groups are from Kuwait , Egypt , Sudan, Lebanon. Some of their names are in the previous reports.

The other group is fighting against the national security system ,is the intelligence group , and it works in and from the YMCA and it’s icon is Mr. Lee Armstrong, who works against the law and he corroborates with the criminals of the third world like Yemen and most African countries. He violence the law by using the black masks and he disorder the national and international Canadian systems .

Another agents work from Rogers’ business , religious and educational establishments and they work from schools, business stores, and hospitals. e.g. from MacLaren Street 415, Bank street (ROGERS COMPANY), International Arms Security Store at Bank street . They work by using the masks of former Eastern block to hide their activities.

They aim to damage the national security system. Israeli’s , Lebanese , Syrian, Egyptian, Polish, Jordanian and Iranian diplomatic lines are examples. The also fight with and pro business companies.

Another active cell of dishonest and criminal activities is represented by Mr. Faisal, the Jordanian who works recently for Mac’s Store at Bank Street. It corroborates with non grate the diplomatic lines of Yemenite state , which ask for support for its unity and separation. The latest group is working under the influences of illegal drugs, and fear of the Police. It hides its illegal activities by using the religious establishments , business stores ,shopping molls and cultural and recreational centers. It builds internal cell that does not recognize neither the Canadian and Western countries nor their laws and constitution. This group covers their illegal activities by using the Indo and French masks, and it wants to separate from Canadian state and to protect its family and illegal, radical and criminal, discrimination activities.

Christian and Non- Christian pro and against the Syrian and Iranian regimes ( They call themselves Lebanese or Arabs or Christians) , are groups of violence and they work against the Canadian and American security systems with the facilities of Western Church. They use the facilities of the police and CSIS, and Arabic, Islamic , Socialistic names to put out of illegal activities.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Six

There are active and sleeper cells of espionages which work and organize for terrorism and crimes as well as for illegal transactions . These groups hide their actions by using the religious and social issues: Same of the organizers names are the following:

Mr. Al-Hrowi who is supported financially and logistically by the Saudi’s Kingdom, and Mr. Wahib, a multi-agent for socialistic and pro-Iranian Islamic State who works for Nortel Company.

Some of their places are the Islamic Centers, Yemenite illegal and legal informational Centers of the diplomatic lines, and Restaurants at downtown Ottawa ( e.g. Persian Cousin). They work together with the diplomatic lines of Islamic, Arabic and Socialistic countries like Kuwait, Iran, Yemen, Syria ,Lebanon and former Soviet Union , Poland, United Arab Emirates and Yugoslavia . Below are some names of the activist :

Mrs. Tania (KGB agent) ,

Abdulwahab Salam, (pro-KGB and anti-American State),

Mohamed Mohamed (Kuwait-Iranian Branch : NvN7),

Mr. Ahmed Murad (Syrian-pro-Iranian and anti-American State),

Mr. Abdulkarim ( Formmer Yemenite diplomatic worker and KGB),

Mr. Salih Al-Fadli ( Kuwaiti-Islamic Branch : Capital-Taxi drivers) ,

Mr. Ghassan Liquman the agent who works under the American and pro Capitalism systems. ( American Insurance Company) , and

Mr. Rodney who lives in Nepean ( former business man of NVN-7 and anti-American and white people).

Recently, they use some of the Restaurants of Downtown Ottawa to hide their crimes by using the masks of Black and Latin American activists. (America, Syria, Latin America, Egypt and Spain, Montreal, Gatineau, the Arabian Gulf States, Qatar, Iraq and Poland are their map's Road).

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Seven

A Yemenite terrorist and criminal organization that works under the legends of nationalism, Socialism and Islamism . It acts and hides its action in the Islamic Establishments and the diplomatic lines of Yemen ,Turkey , Lebanon and Syria. Some of the activists are the following:

Mr. Albdul Wahab Al-Mohtadi who works for the Algonquin College, and

Mr. Jamil who moved to London- England.

This groups road is Ottawa, London, Vancouver, the United State of America, and the United Kingdom). Another group of this diplomatic line works from Gladstone Restaurant (Yemeni Restaurant) and deals with Islamic and Socialistic groups. It corroborates with Qatari and Syrian diplomatic lines and organizations in the States of the Arabian Gulf. Ottawa, Gatineau, Yemen , Syria and Southern-East Asia are some of their road).

The second group works from the University of Ottawa e.g. the Department of Arts. It is an orthodox and pro-terrorism organization. It works dishonest for Canadian governments, and it spreads hate and discrimination. It secretes its crimes by using methods and facilities that are given for them from Canadian governments. It does not respect the constitutional issues . It also organizes youth, activist as well leaders by duplicating them to corrupt Canada. ( e.g. Islamic radical groups of Jordan, Nationalistic groups of pro-Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and Lebanon).

The third group works from the restaurants of Downtown Ottawa and it spreads the terrorism and violence of the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf states. The diplomatic lines of United Arab Emirates, Poland , Palestine and Israel, as well as the former activists of Iraq regime are the supports of this group. Rideau street is one of the places that they act from (e.g. Mingle Woods Restaurant which is located at Waller street). One of the names that they use to hide their activities is Rami.

The fourth group works with the corroboration of Diplomatic lines of Lebanon and Iran and the act from the Shawarma Restaurant of Dollhouse street.

The filth group works form Jack Purcell Community Center and it corroborates with terrorist and criminal organizations that act from the United State as well as from the diplomatic lines of Kuwait, Israel and Poland. It spreads the hate, violence and crimes.

All these groups do not aware of the constitution. Their advisors and images are the teachers and activists of international integrated security systems, who act from Catholic and Non-Catholic educational establishments such as Catholic School Boars, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College, Bars, Restaurants and Houses etc. They hide their crimes and they work illusionary for national and international security system.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Eight

1. A group of Sudanese and Arabs that work from Canadian provinces and the world . The main road of its activities is Ottawa, Hamilton, United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar. It work for the socialistic systems of Foreign countries , former regime of Sadam Houssin and the Islamic radical systems of the Gulf States. Some of their names are the following:

Professor Jamal Al-Din Abdullah ( Sharjah University),

Mr. Faiosal Abdullah ( Hamilton –Ontario) and friends.

2. Another group work from houses, embassies of the Arabic and Israel diplomatic lines, restaurants, Eastern ,African and Black North American Churches and Mosques and from a different religious establishments. e.g. the Church of King Edward at Rideau street downtown Ottawa, Syrian , Iraqi and Islamic radicals groups that spread hate, discrimination and terrorism and they work under the cover of RCMP and CSIS agents they work dishonestly for Canadian system.

3. Palestinian , Israeli , Jordanian, Iraqi and Syrian diplomatic lines work and spread their culture of hate, terrorism, discrimination and illegal transactions generally from the Western Churches and particularly from the Eastern Churches. For example: Lebanese , Egyptian, Syrian Churches with participations of Palestinian and Jordanian Christian organizations as well as the pro and anti the peace process resolutions. They hide crimes of their nationalistic , socialistic and believers leaders, and their actions. Jim’s driving and Training School at Ottawa is one of their residences, and they corporate with NVN7-Ottawa Car Dealers the agents of France Republic and its diplomatic lines. They support the espionage and work against the Canadian and Northern American systems. Wahab the Canadian of Djibouti is one of their masks ( French front), Sam is the other agent who works for the Yemenite pro-terrorist regime.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Nine

1. A Yemenite pro-Syrian group that works with corroboration of Iranian diplomatic line.

Carlos is the Nike-Name of one of their activists (Ottawa)

Mr. Khasim Ismail is the second one ( Immigrant of Djibouti, Ottawa).

Ahmed Sadik Abdulrahim ( Yemenite Community), pro-Syrian regime and a socialistic who corroborates with former Eastern block. Toastmaster at Argyle street is one of their residence as well as the Yemenite -Canadian Community. They have lots of apartments that they act ideologically and logistically against Western systems. Some of their agents work with support of the Yemenite and Saudi’s regimes and their diplomatic lines.

2. Former Iraqi regime with support of criminals ( Islamic, Nationalistic, Socialistic groups, they have some business centers like barbers salons, restaurants , medical centers, from them they use and transfer their ideological , criminal and terrorist system. North African anti-Western countries ,Syrians ,Palestinians , Lebanese and Jordanians are some of their agents and supporters. Salons of Cooper street and Gladstone as well as unhygienic places of smoking are few of their places. Some of the organizers names are mentioned in the previous reports.

In addition, to the previous names is Mr. Samir (Super Man Salon at Gladstone – Ottawa, the immigrant from Iraq who moved from Yemen and Russia. He is one of the militant of the former regime of Iraq.

Yemenite regime with Islamic and Nationalistic groups are the supporters of them, as well as the pro-socialistic activists of Soviet Union.

Western Churches e.g. the United Churches of downtown Ottawa Aylmer street at Ban , Sunnyside , and the United Church of Argyle Avenue and theirs Food Banks are some of stages of their acts.

The aid that are given for needy, homeless and disable people are one of the propaganda that national and international security systems are used to hide their crimes locally and globally. Groups of the hidden system embodies discriminations, hates and crimes, and some of the methods that are used to disorder and disrespect people , the United Church and Canada’s administrational and functional systems.

This group also is represented by the Islamic and Catholic of former regime of Poland, socialistic countries Yemen, Syria, Poland, and Lebanon. It is supported by Mr. Daniel the resident of McLeod street.

Egyptian , Syrian and Lebanese, Polish Christian and non-Christian are some of the workers who hide hate for Canada and Western security systems.

3. Lebanese, Syrian , Jordanian and Palestinian pro and anti Syrian regimes are building illegal political parties and organizations. Some names of these organizations are the Christian Military Parties like the Liberal Parties and the Militant Parties , and Islamic Parties like Hezbollah, and Hams Movements. Ideologically they compete with the Jewish pro and anti peace process organizations. All of them are disloyal for Canada due to their act against local Canadian cultural, social, political and economic systems.

4. Local Media of most Canadian communities and centers are not dealing with the harmony of the Canadian systems (educationally, linguistically, politically, economically, Culturally and psychologically) despite the support that are given by the Ministries of Heritage and Multiculturalism to provide the unity and the security of the Canadian nation.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Ten

International Integrated Security Systems: Crimes, dishonest works, terrorism, illegal drugs, illegal transactions and prostitution

1. The Canadian laws and constitutions are not taken under attention in most of the Canadian communities, on the other words, communities social workers and social powers work due to the dogmas, private laws, and they spread the criminals’ ideologies (hate, racism, terrorism and violence). Government of Canada has to provide real programs to teach newcomers the Canadian rights and responsibilities without the negative influences of the multicultural activists. International Integrated Security Systems: Crimes, dishonest works, terrorism, illegal drugs, illegal transactions and prostitution.

· Diplomatic lines of Republic of Yemen and Poland are resources of dishonest work in national and international areas. They cover their illegal transactions, crimes, and terrorist activities as well as corruptions by anecdotes.


·National Press Club of Canada ‘s Foundation: Fear of Anti-Semitism and selfishness.

· Social Planning Council of Ottawa: Ethnic Minority Business: Corruptions: dishonest work and racism.

· LASA: Corruptions: Illusionary works, and the participations of other Arab Minorities and other groups are very limited.

· Canadian minorities associations and communities: Corruptions and dishonest work, racism too due to the cultural and security aspects.

· The Tree Reading Series , a poetry group of Majorities: administrational and organizational corruptions: Linguistic racism, and lovers of the pro-terrorism poets.

· Conservative Party of Canada has a fear of Human Rights Media.

· Center Town Community Health Center: Corruption and illusionary works.

· Ministry of Transportation : Administrational and organizational corruptions: Illusionary works, and the integrated security systems penetrated the organizational and administrational systems.

· The Office of Registrar, Thunder Bay: administrational and organizational corruptions.

· Salvation Army: Downtown, Market, George street., 171, Administrational and organizational corruptions: A resource of thieves, and dishonest works due to homeless people.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Eleven

· The Pope of Rome His Holiness, the Benedict XVI, is not recognized by Catholic Canadian organizations and Establishments.

· Tattoos and Piercing have influence on psychology of people. Alternative arts are recommended to beautify our country.

· International Integrated Security Systems use the religious establishments in Canada for illegal activities and transactions to censure their crimes.

· International Integrated Security Systems , who use favorite symbols, colors, and body languages to hide their illegal activities and to influence people psychology in order to involve them to work illegally with their dogmas, or to hate another groups are dishonest for Canadian Security system.

· The organizations that use the images of their references secretly in order to work with them illegally are dangerous for our security system, likewise the organizations that use the images of friends, families of the past. They aim to hide their crimes and illegal transactions ( Polish integrated security systems and their masks, and Yemenite integrated security systems and their masks).

· The International Integrated Security Systems that use Palmistry and magic to fight against each other to propagandize their dogmas are dangerous due to their hidden activities.

· International Integrated Security Systems in Canada not only use food in religious and non-religious establishments and organizations to feed people, but also to kill their manners, attitudes and inspirations. Reformations are necessary.

· Foreign Minister of Yemen, the Canadian citizen and his collations are dangerous for national and international security systems.

· Rahal Saba, the Canadian-Yemenite mediator for immigration and transactions: dishonest work, illegal transactions and corruptions.

· Telepathy of Feb. 16th, 2010, is a resource of dishonest works, violence, and crimes. It was represented nationally by duwlcitizen and internationally by Republics of Yemen and Poland, as well as by Ottawa’s security police and religious and non-religious establishments and organizations.

· Most of the national and international non-governmental and governmental organizations are penetrated by criminals and corrupted investors as well as people, owing to the gaps in local, provincial, and federal organizations (Police and CSIS). Bribes and temptations are used. Violence, exploitations for newcomers are used too in order to work with them dishonestly in national and international conflicts.

· Immigration Canada is corrupted by the influences of politicians also


Health Care: Dental costs are high and their jobs are not guaranteed. Canadians are in trouble and travel overseas due to the policy of Health Care and Dental Organizations.

Moreover, the international integrated security systems use some of the Clinics to abuse the law and the national security systems.

· Telepathies of Friday and Saturday 19th & 20th, 2010, represented by the Yemeni regime and their friends the Canadian French and Chinese activists groups in our society as well as Catholics and Muslims groups are gaps for the national and international security systems.

· Military and non-military diplomatic tools are the solutions to reform the governmental and non-governmental organizations, which are penetrated by corrupted regimes of Yemen and Poland.

· Immigration Canada, Canadian High Commission In Abu-Dhabi, can not take the decision about the immigration of my wife to Canada because of the corrupted and dishonest works of Catholic and Muslims establishments and organizations.

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Twelve

Fights Against Crimes and Terrorism in National and International Area

· Media of Armies of Liberation is a conception and resource that invests only in crimes. It does not care about the United States of America’s Internal and external affairs.

· Diplomatic lines of Yemen give facilities for former Iraqi’s Regime to renovate their activities in fighting against the world’s security.

· The Yemeni-American Institute of fighting against the Terrorism, is a resource of delusions. Likewise the American-Yemeni journalists, the residents in United States of America.

· Security Unit of Somerset at Bank Street, Building No. 395 is a resource of crimes, terrorism and dishonest work.

· The Security Unit of MacLaren Street at Bank, Building No. 415 is a resource of crimes, terrorism and dishonest work e.g. apartments No.904, 905, 907, 912, and 1110.

· The Security Integrated System of Bell Street North, is a resource of dishonest work, crimes, hate and prostitutions, Jewish of Eastern European Countries unit: Delusion works to censure their crimes and dishonest activities.

· The Integrated International Security System of Kent Street Merry Dwyer Unit is a resource is a resource of illegal drugs, crimes, corruption and prostitutions: Delusion works to censure their crimes and activities.

· Immigration Canada: The International Integrated Security Systems are dishonest: Crimes, corruption. They used Canada’s’ facilities like banks, documents, passports etc to prevent regimes and spread the influenza, they also abuse the rights of newcomers to direct them for their dirty jobs.

· International Media Support : Al-Jazeera fabricates the issues of Al-Qada with corporations with former Iraq’s regime as well as with the Zionist, and Communist Organizations. In addition, with dishonest capitalists of Arabian Peninsula.

· The International Integrated Security Systems of Algonquin College are dishonest: fights and corruptions.

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