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Fatwas of this bad times a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.


Shaykh al-Dayyar is the Imam of the monastery who is obeyed by the orders of the great kings and sultans. For the young and old dairies cautions the faithful or the public about urinating in front of the walls of houses of the city. Warning criminals from looting public funds that belongs to the poor people. Young people, orphans and traders are the engines of the country. They interact in building the economy of the country. The money generated by the business class is stacked in banks and the rest is wasted by gambling leaders or looted by dishonest politicians.


The poor are destroyed by hopelessness and indulging themselves in narcotics, the Khat, arms trade and all kinds of corruption. Moreover, the opiated minds are ruined by destructive behaviours.


The commander of the army and his soldiers shed the blood of innocents in Sa'ada, Aden and Khor Maksar. Soldiers loot citizens in tunnels, shops and over the fences. Their specters kill children of Palestine in Sabra and Shatila, Nahr al-Bared, Tel Thyme, Gaza, Galilee, Ramallah and Egypt. Their failure is sold forever Allah for the broker of the Antichrist.

He became the leader of God, where he has no dignity neither to his people nor to his entourage that travel without donkeys.

He has lost himself and his people and his entourage with troops, informants and soldiers. Including Meyer, including what is not seen and what fates awaits.

The religious Judges, the leaders and the wise elders will only wake up with a revolution and an explosion. They are drowning in the mud and eating fruits.

People are advised to close windows and balconies and wear veils to cover their faces. And declare to the peoples that this is the right and the right path to victory. God the just and the Holy Land brought them all calamity, disaster, conquered injustice, unbelieves and Shame.

The land of the Canaanites and hypocrisy are all living on the surfaces while graves are receding.

In addition, the sheikhs of vice Akano in Azhar have to declare their centers of faith without confusion of different fatwas against criminals that violate urination on the city walls.

The furnished apartments are inhabited by Zionist informants, oil sheikhs and adult kittens. Whereas the investments in Sharm el-Sheikh belong to Mubarak and Sarkozy who are leaders of the superpowers. However, Egypt cannot compare to a super power, but perhaps a super power in seeking peace conferences or champion of betrayal of adults and children.

Religion, democracy, culture, turbidity of regional politics and political gambling are just like prostitution of opinions. Oh EGYPT you have to close your door to them and give me the line and the wall. Because the wall is filled with conspiracies and crimes, protection and investment are the real game changers for the welfare of ordinary citizens.

Honey and black seeds are not a cure for modern virus problems in times of epidemic outbreaks of viruses or deadly bacteria. However, mankind’s mind is polluted by anguish because his soul is insatiable.

Selling and drinking kosher liquor to kings and leaders is also a form of investment. Moreover, informants and security men with their rivals intriguingly set up traps, as well as to instill to conjure the spirits of idle minded criminals into being productive.

And if the simple citizen dealt with the rich in a manner that torments the spirit of the rich, then it is the reason for ostracism them from entering eternal fire.


Alcohol is to tame anti-terrorist intelligence officers in Yemen. It is a stimulus for courage, livelihood, and euphoria. However, the children of the deceased martyrs are casualties of terrorism and unemployed. The young children are lured into terrorisms because they don’t see any future, but are encouraged by funds from the region's leaders with the armies of terrorism who protect their global interests in illegal trade.

Why are afraid of idolizing or playing with adults? Why are they cowards? Because they have stolen from the poor and innocent citizens.

The Arabian Gulf also exploits children of Yemen by indoctrinating them to worship God and spread terror of Iranian Houthi (i.e., ISIS fighting in Yemen) Islam. And the real ideologues of Houthism escape from the torments of their deeds when they are blamed squarely by the regional governments and the international communities.

Oh the armies of rescue make a coup to protect the poor and innocent souls including the defence of the country. These people who plant seeds of every mighty tyrant are the so called faithful Islamists. Your ways of control are fake and filled by psychological burdens. Thus, you cannot change and win the world with crookedness. Allah-Wakubaru!

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