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Hitch your wagon to a star

Forest of Lilies is a mystery a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.


The Forest of  Lilies open their flowers to the moon, a  smiling counterpart and the champion of the night sky.


Mary, the mother of Date Palms welcomes the young children, the new born with palm leaves.


Sunlight opens the bell flowers at the day time.


The Forest of Lilies, the sea and their clavicles increase their waves.


Birds of the air take lots of warm air under their wings. But do they suffocate the forest of Lilies?


While the ship is distant in the rough waters, the sound of her hooting horns alert the forest of lilies.


The Forest of Lilies respond to stimuli like sick people and the poor in the spirit seek for salvation from Jesus.


The Forest of lilies is to exalt the royalties to their highness.


Imams, sheikhs and mullahs.


The black color is also the member of the seven light rays, which gives shade to the forest predators.


ISIS will not win the war in the middle east because there are no covers from the forest of lilies in the middle east. Shall ISIS dig their heads into the sand like Ostriches in the desert?


Fleeing Women, pregnant and expecting mother are developing varicose veins due to no shade from the forest of lilies.



Sanctify the Lord's name in the highest. Sanctify Him, Glorify Him because all belongs to Him. The forest of lilies is all about giving thanks to Him who created the lilies.

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