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Hitch your wagon to a star

Freedom, with power for change

See what Freedom means

being in the presence of boundless curiosity,

to witness our spiritual intimidate

within that life offers us.

I believe that often we say the same thing

in different ways - in different forms,

 with a different tone –

For so is the life

one sees the colors of others-not

a thrush spreads wings over the orchid,

another was torn down with head injuries.

Fly like leaves

flying to save the freedom to live ...

I can give light where there is shadow

enter the orbit of momentum and hope

to never stopped driving force,

always in the marathon of life,

with power for change,

with freedom to remain in the illuminated compass

that never errs.

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Comment by Kozeta Zavalani on August 22, 2011 at 8:47am
greetings with my new poem

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