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Gaza is the silence and the Shroud of anger or bitterness. a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri ,Ph.D.

Gaza  is the silence and the Shroud of anger or bitterness.
It is a pride and a glory of the founding of the trio of the faiths.
Judaism, Christian and Islam.
Gaza was a staight where the Ethiopian Eunock was reading the Thora, the book of Isaiah.
Gaza, the stretch of land, but lately holed by tunnels.
What are those tunnels for anyways?
Holes or tunnels are to silence the lively roar of the sound of the earth, the sky and the rivers.
Gaza should be the land where Sea weeds are selected for manufacture of agricultural feeds and the tunnels should be turned into metros rather than tunnels for transporting deadly weapons.
Those deadly weapons end up bringing disaster to the citizens of Gaza.
They are the rockets of good length and width, they traverse the seas and lakes to the river Jordan.
Gaza is where the Kingdom of God was proclaimed by the renouned, the sons are forging revolution by the force of barrel of the guns.
The glory of God cannot be manifested by the barrel of the guns, not even martyrdom and victory for being accepted, as the glory of God cannot be achieved by the barrels of the guns.
Gaza today is the Forest sorrow and the counterpart share also the same sorrows.
How shall we redress the shroud of anger and bitterness with new clothes of peace and security?


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