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Glory to Yemen a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

Glory to Yemen

Every hour, every minute and every second I dream about you oh Yemen.
All kinds of flowers and all the roses belongs to you.
I dream about you when I'm between fields, over and above the branches of trees and over all florescence flowers.
 Every hour, every minute and every second pass sweetly in my life. I dream about you between the lines of my writing.
You are the dew and the rainbow after the rain.
You are my Spring of life oh you my flower. 
Every hour and, every minute and every second uniquely are yours.
You my Spring  flowers, I offer to you my mind to be filled by your fragrance. 
You replenish my thoughts.
I was running around to meet with glory.
Glory is everywhere, Glory is an intricate bliss.
Glory is a gradient of victory to you, Yemen.

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