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Hitch your wagon to a star

Hawks in the sky a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Hawks in the sky are eaten from above their heads by giant powers. The giant powers pass away with nostolgia.
Nostalgia is the longing for bringing the past to present. Nostalgia is the master of the past beginnings. Past beginnings is called history. History records events of the past and without the past, there is no future.
Roses are flowers found among thorns. Roses praise nostogia, present and future.
Under trees are their  basil sapplings. They all have nostalgia of evolution.
Swearing in their north and south. They have the nostalgia of revolution.
The swearing in of a leader is worth of his liberation. Leaders have nostalgia of leading.
Guitarist drinking coffee on table... remind themselves of the nostalgia of the best music from the best musicians.
She felt tired and  I felt its sufferings. That is how nostalgia feels.
Hawks in the sky pleads for the freedom and liberation.
The Book of Mormon and the Book of Esther .
John the Baptist and Jesus the Savior and  prognostic have the nostalgic reminder of the Holy spirit.
The law of Moses and the Pharaoh of  Egypt were tested by the nostalgia that reminded them of the great God.
Works between the heaven and the hell are different. Hell is nostalgic of heaven where there is peace.

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