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Hitler and the Book of Exodus A Poem By M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.









Hello Hitler.

Picture more, and give me art, Mercedes Benz, and the thought of German liberal philosophers.
Hello my dear father Hitler.

Sketch more and more, because your art galleries are eternal icons that spread aroma of musk and ambergris across the time.

They contain the rainbow’s colours, which broaden from the surface of the land to the water and into the glowing moon.

They have the past, present and the future times.

They either restrain the dry fields or green townships.

They contain the beauty of grape’s fields, when the sun’s ray was reflecting and refracting.

They contain a pasture, and red and black dogs.
Hello Hitler.

You are not my real father, the frontrunner.

They have accused me of belonging to you and said that“ I was the son of you, the son of Hitler, the leader of Nazis,
the counsellor of Germany,
the Fuehrer,
and the Leader of the Alliance axis”.

However, I neither look like you nor know painting on the leaves of rubus or on the papers of the book.

They said that “My name was written on the leaves of olives trees in the country of figs and thyme.”

My father, I admire the art and I esteem it by my blood.
I do not look like you, but I have a strong sense that is similar to the sense of the Dusty German-Shepherd Dog.

I do not look like you, but I look like Mr. Franz Beckenbauer.

I was born on the tenth of June, not on September the eleventh.
My blood is red as yours, and my colour is mixed of the dark- wheatish and the yellowish.
My dear father, Hitler.

I am good in thinking and writing on planks, plates, nails and propulsions.

Yet, I neither know portraying nor writing on the yellowish materials.

I also have not any clue or any knowledge of mixing colours; moreover, I neither differentiate among the oil, canvas, water paints nor yellow , blue and green colours.

Yet, I am a professional person in riding a dusty horse.

Moreover, I am interesting in contemplation on the universe at the noon, night and daybreak times.

I am an innocent child, who loves dolls, toys, sweets, chocolates and sugars.
I am the dew that evaporates from each dry and green grass every morning.

I am the butterfly and the sea’s banners.

I am the thread of wool and silk on the coats of Katrina, Eve and Adam, the blonde.







Prior to the Suicide


Sincerity and loyalty was like a caution.

The exchanged love was like a fate.

Desires and self-esteem was in the vein of stone.

Adoration and marriage of Eva the daughter of Mr. Braun, the encircling.

The daughter of Braun said about Hitler that “ What a Fuehrer he was! His love like water, air, spirit’s drinks and sugar.

His lips were sharps that shatter the heart, chest and the source”. His smells was better than the smells of musk and ambergris.

In his opinion, love was like a fish, that swimming in water, another is frying in the oven, and other hanging on the nails.

She concluded her speech that she was Abla and he was Antarah”.

Hello Hitler.

Are you my naughty father?

Is your knife sharp like a sword or like a saw?

Are you the only the heroic person?
They have killed and burned their people and followers by their: hands, blind thoughts, unknown hands, the citizens, who used the masks and by people who wore the uniform of the soldiers.


Are you the responsible of killing and displacing the slaves and the gypsies?

Are you the person who devastates the universe and drives the mad cows?

Are you the killer of the martyrs of October the fifteenth and who hides the corpse of Jesus of Nazareth, the sincere and saviour?

Are you the person who sinks or plunges, hijacks ships, caravans and the tourists on the land and the sea?

Hurricane is coming either in the noon time or at declining day.

The voice of truth is coming too.

The voice of God is the strongest and the most capable ones.

The salvation of the spirit was such as the twinkling of an eye.

Hitler committed suicide and the daughter of the Braun, the blond committed it too.
They examined his corpse, acted as autopsies and anatomist in his body.

Then, they embalmed his corpse and put it in the grave.
The tomb was a narrow and the wooden box was more dangerous when, Hitler’s face was shown with his famous short and central moustache.

Then the news was spread whereas some people scoffed him, other praised him by poetry or prose and another revolutionized or became enormous ones.

However, they were unable to decipher the mystery of Hitler or the enigma of his younger son the leader and the Expected Prophet.

They do not make any work of art, but they left only bad and thorny conflicts.
Clans of blond, black and blind occupied of Palestine in one hand by Antrah’s tribes; on the other hand, Saadah is wounded as well as Aden on the Red Sea in the Indian Ocean.
Dead and wounded people , ambassadors and security men are falling and offering themselves for red tyrant or for these, who monopolize, commercialize or loot the oil and the sugar.
They killed the apostles like Jesus, Hamdi, Abdel Fattah and the Norwegian student Martine Vik Magnussen, the daughter of Abdul the Yellowish, because she rejected to drink their dark coffee with sugar.

They killed her hanging out not as they usually kill by a poison, a machete or by a dagger.
His Excellency Hitler.

The ax has fallen from the grip of my aunt Shuhd Al-Mansouri, the farmer when she was walking in the Alobar’s Valley.

Hence, the thieves lurk the homeland in every mountain, strait and route.
Portrait more oh you Hitler; the leader.
Because you work of art is a remedy for infected people with swine and cow influenza.

They are a medicine for Obama, Clinton and the Canadian, Stephen Harper.
After the death of the Fuhrer, was born Moshe Dayan, who are more aggressive and more criminal than Hitler.

His crimes are uncontrollable and exonerated in Qana, Palestine and Egypt.
I will not tell you goodbye, but picture more and adore more.

Sculpture on the body of Eva, the daughter of Mr. Braun and colour it with white, red and green in order to become purer and more mature and fertile.
Illustrate more and more.
Depict a child who was assassinated or kidnapped for the purpose of taking his organs for trade near the temples of the Fuhrer, and in Cowboys’ Dim and Red Holy place in :
Brazil, New York, Rome, Frankfurt and Tel al-Zaatar.
Picture a martyr and an orphan child in Saadah, Rwanda, Sudan, Palestine and Weimar, because your art Galleries are like the rain for earth,
a nutrition, water and data for fasting people.
Furthermore, they are slogans for rebels in their battles against injustice, oppression and poverty.
Picture more and more.
Ladies and gentlemen please think more about it:
The child was willing to acquire the game, doll, a Mercedes car and a red dog.
Another baby wants to eat cheese and drink goat’s and cow’s milks.

She replied to him saying “Scream more, raise your voice much, praise, applause and maximize your voice.”

At that time she repeated to him saying “Raise your voice more before they come first to seize the wealth and arrogance on mankind; the Polish people, Jehovah's Witnesses, Russians, Gypsies and the rest of the people classified by your grandfather as a nations of gentile.

Tell them that your father did not die normally by the heart attack, yet Hitler was the murder”.

Take money in hard currency, including the Dutch Mark, Franc, Euro and Dollar.
Finally, she advised him neither to listen nor to be affected by the children of Naji Al-Ali’s and Abu Ammar nor to have a friendship with children of Joseph, the carpenter.”







The Fuhrer’s Son Judgments




They said to him rocks.

He responded to them not only rocks but also trees.

They said to him the Patient.

He replied to them and also the Cement.

They said to him an eagle.

He told them a falcon.

They asked him if the crime was at the noontime.

He answered them by saying that “It’s plan started in advance and before the dawn, and the implementation took place in declining day”.

It is one of religious chauvinisms occupation as well as the nationalities perfidy parties.
After that, they questioned him if the crime happened in pin’s forest and during the rain.
He replied to them informatively, and added and it occurred next to every olive’s, dates and buckthorn trees, and over the rain.
They asked him about the veil.
He answered them yes, and the rights of the donkey.
They said to him flowers and fruits.
People are waiting and they do not harvest anything except a devastation and destruction.
They said to him the Forgiving.
He said to them the Most Lofty and Irresistible.
They told him Qatar.
He answered to them by saying “One foot was over there another one in Algeria, and other ones in Egypt and Dhofar”.
Also he was asked if the wound was deep.
He said to them saying “Yes and it was in the chest, head and back”.
They said to him, whether the judge was an ox or a donkey.

He answered them two oxen their names are Tany and Mohair, a pig, a dragon and the donkey and its son.
Afterward, they asked him about the peace.

He said to them saying “A day of will is better than a thousand of summits and a million of Conferences”.
They asked him where the guards, soldiers and the armies where, when the children, women and the seniors were killed.

He said to them they were and unmoving of night watching, and in immorality and prostitutions.

Their relationships with liberal and honest people as well as with the Lord, the Creator, the Rightful and the Fashioner of Forms in difficulty.

The leaders became seniors and they can not distinguish between the transit pass and the corridor, and the citizens are in poverty, monotony and tedium.
They asked him saying “Oh; you, the son of Hitler who do you think you are?”

He answered them “He is the Warner and Bringer of good news from the Lord, the Sublimely exalted and the Almighty and he added saying that he is the sea”.
They told him “A fire on the wall.”

He said to them saying “It was the December’s spark during the days of the Nazareth sons, and the days of victory.”
They said to him “The son belongs to his mother family, the family of pleasant and security.”

He replied to them informatively, and added and also to his father's family, the Victorians.
There is no difference among people except those people who possess skills and worthy with the science and seer.

He attached to his answer, that the son was produced from his father and his mother’s seeds, the spirit of the God and the knowledge of the Scottish gracious scientist Mr. Lewis.

The Hitler’s son was born ten years before the birth of her Excellency Sheikha Dolly, the Sheikha’s of goats and cattle, and he was produced by the same methods of Dolly and other domestic cloned animals by the process of magnetizing and dragging.”
They asked him if his birth was in the sunset time.
He whispered to them at the dawn time during the rooster’s cock, which means the origin of danger on tyrants of the times until everlasting.

They said that in his face is a light.



He answered them informatively with yes, and added and in his heart a pleasure and a joy.
Then, they said that he lived in Egypt, the country of science and light and he is a supporter to the Palestine’s issue and proud of the victory of October and the Bar Lev Line.

He answered them by saying “Neither he committed the crimes of the School of the Sea Cows nor killed people by guns, cranes, and soldiers, who do not believe in mankind.”
They asked him also that if he believed in the Holocaust and the fusion.

He replied to them “They were conspiracies, and their commitment are subjects of understanding.

He added to his answer that he neither killed nor crucified Him, however; they were in confusion and thought that he appeared so unto them like Hitler and the son of Hitler.”

The truth that they were done by the devil, and Moshe Dayn, the blind, who lead his flock to Palestine despite the fact that it did not know any thing except the illusionary danger of the ancestors of the followers of the Messiah, the Sir Christopher, the Admiral of the seas and oceans.

Finally he added to his respond saying “ The first Holocaust was in Berlin, and the others were in Deir Yassin, Gaza after they changed their direction from Madagascar. Because of their fear of lemurs and they preferred crying on the wall, digging tunnels and storing the weapons.” Really, it is the peril.
Then, they asked him “What is it about Sarah and Hagar?”
He replied to them saying creatively“ They were in the desert during the rains and the storms.”
Additionally, they asked him about the meaning of life.

He responded to them by saying t “ It is an ebb tide, which contains tragedies; ornaments, treasures and abundances, and the evil on it will amputate.”
Into the bargain, they asked him about the Banu Qurayza , Qaynuga and also about the Banu Al-Nadir.

He answered them “ Neither they belong nor had ties with Nazareth, Akkah, Jahava, Jerusalem and the short and narrow river of Jordan.

However; they belong to the desert of the Empty Quarter, the provinces of Najran, Jizan and Asir.”



As well as, they asked him about Gaza and Jericho and the province of the Rocket.

He responded to them by saying “ The crimes for some are narratives, for another people they are art and photography, then; a distortion and recycling. Consequently, the Palestinians are killed, surrounded and incarcerated.”

The cynics and crimes of the evil are not for the God an easy obsession.

He, who move his machines and recycling them.

All things that occur in the universe are fascinating. Both major and minor prophets preached the holocaust of Hitler, and his name also exist in the Books of Psalms and Esther.
It was a barricade, a fusion, an evil, and an ins and outs from the mouth and nose.
The media in every place that you go by became a resource of lie, and the most dangerous thing than the serious jeopardy since the time of Abdul Kidder, Abdul Halim, Najeeb, Sultan, Hail, and Jeha and his both small and big donkeys until the days of returning and self-determination.
These, who teach me the madness, fantasy, imagination and writing poetry and prose and they are:

my aunts Shuhd and Muniara,
my uncle Abdu-Jabbar, the little and the short,
my mother Nooria Mc Owia’s ,
my aunt Ambrod,
my uncle Amin, the handsome man,
my father Abdulhamid,
my grandmother Khawzaran and their neighbours in Al-Ofiaf and Al- Mihdar and they are the following:
Nema the daughter of Ahmed Ghanem the Raven,
Ahmed Al-Zaift, and his brother, Abdullah Kurood,
Ambah the Raven,
Mohamed Ahmed, the miller,
Darhem Al-Majeedy,
Abdulnassir, the son of Sheikh,
The Mermaid of the sea,
Donald S. Throop, the king the forest with its rodents, deer and donkeys .
These, who perfect and master my skills after the exodus, the ebbs of the sea and the land during the night and the days of Eid-Ul-Ghadeer and they are the follow:
the ancestors of Pharos, Ramesses the everlasting and the respectful character, and the ancestors of Adam Miskiewicz, Mary Skladowska-Currie,
the Pope,
Christopher Columbus ,
William Shakespeare,
Sir Alfred Yules Ayer , and
Eric Honker, the great.
I have already learnt the myths of first nation not only in Mercury, Mars and Saturn, but also in the Temples of Bihar and Rabbis, Centres of Crowds and Guards, Museums and Victories and Laboratories of Perfume, Pottery, Alcohol and Tin in Warsaw, Cairo, Ottawa, Berlin, Brussels, Rotterdam, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and in each country that possesses a wilderness or a heavy rain.

But also at Anglo-Saxons, who identify the code of the falcon, lion, tiger and the secret of mankind and the universe.

Moreover, in Doha, the beautiful and the capital city of Qatar, where I put my feet near the sea, the desert and in the city of the great Al-Khor.
At the end, Oh God forgive Hitler and his the biggest and the smallest sons, if You have already forgiven Yadas Iscariot, the greatest treasonable apostle, and the biggest evil, because of his betraying Jesus, the Victorian of Palestine.

They said this is not for the God an easy thing. Because of the existence of the Lord in tunnels, crossing borders, fences and corridors.

Picture more and more, because the art and writing are incarnations for destiny and fate, and neither of them have any threat, and who prohibited them is a disbeliever, even if he is the owner of Holy See, or the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, or who has a strong army like the rock.







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