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excellent interview by a woman. Doctor speaks in english - child goes from the village to Taiz, shot in the head. The republican guard searched the bus coming from the village to taiz. Then republican guard told driver he can leave. The republican guard shoots the bus by 15 bullets. Bullet went to the back of the child's head, exited at the front, brain part fell out but child was half alive. He died 3 hours later.  Child injured in his hand. Field hospital received 61 deaths. Another civilian, young man had a bullet in the hand from that bus.

Sanaa - protests

Economic situation from Apex consulting


women interviewer- we are going to look at abyan refugees in Aden, a situation few ask about. Official sources say they are 40,000 refugees. We want to shed some light on our brothers from Abyan in Aden and many fled to live in schools in Aden. We are going to interview some of the families staying in the schools. In the Sa3da school in Khormakstar Aden,  we meet head of the school,  the number of refugees is more than places we have. Man at 6 o'clock on friday, we woke up to bullets on our house and more shelling. Woman, there were shooting at us with everything.  2 planes they were firing everything @us. Other woman: we had to flee, without our headcoverings. Other woman- we ran from Zinjibar into car &they kept firing, even 5 minutes the car had to swerve. Man we, left aden are in Khoormaksr school.  NGO representative (male) - many refugees are put in schools, there isn't enough medication for all refugees, the state did not give medication to all the schools to all refugees, diabetes and other illness have medical needs,... etc. (more interviews there).  Other man, there is a not enough medical so we can't give to one person and not the other so we collect medication until we have enough to all then distribute. Woman, problem with toilets and sanitation. Most toilets are blocked. Some families ask families of neighboring houses if they can use their house to wash clothes and toilets. 
Sanaa interview with elderly protester in English

Mukallah escapees and Al-Qaeyda

Our list of names is up earlier. Meanwhile, the head of the prison was replaced shortly before the prison break

Defected soldiers claim the head of the prison was changed because he refused to release the Al-Qaeyda prisoners. Gregory Johnsen says that on Al-Qaeyda forums jihadists have been wondering why there is no statement from Al-Qaeyda on Abyan.

Finally, Aden residents claimed that soldiers left many city checkpoints at this time and are afraid the government is positioning the city for Al-Qaeyda take over, as the AQAP take over of Zinjibar started with soldiers leaving checkpoints.

Is Saleh playing the Al-Qaeyda card to bully the United States to bring him back? This we do not know

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