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March to the Holy Land : Gaza freedom march on Friday January 1 st, 2010

This uprising – intifada – is dawn of freedom everywhere around the globe and is against Antihumanity/Antijustice/Repression/Opression/Occupation/war/Globalization/Hegemony
We ask all to take part in the worldwide protest and actions in the days of Gaza of Palestinian intifada
and we must make a sign in unity so we want to have actions around the world in the same time,
the same way and with all power we have. We must motivate and bring on the way all our brothers and sisters, friends and people we know and we have to go to the main important places, what means Embassies, consulates especially from US And Israeli will start after salatul juma3 on Friday 1 January 2010
Please be aware of the information's and announcements of local groups in your town and area and country and help to organize people take part everywhere.
Between 12 h and 4 h pm in all cities and in mass demonstrations around the globe.
parties and communities should force their governments to do so officially.

The head of the global movement against globalization and American hegemony and Zionism Mujahid brother Fadi Madi,invited all members and cadres and organizations and bodies of the global movement to actively participate in the march and serious larger freedom to Gaza, which start from around the world heading to Gaza at the end of the month of December, and gather in Cairo on 27 and enter the Gaza, the Rafah crossing and the sea and all the crossings, which divided the land of beloved Palestine on January 1, 2010

And be the beginning of 2010 was the public outcry to conquer the world of injustice, aggression and occupation, which will be announced from Gaza Hashem and to withstand the beginning of a new era in the uprising of the dawn of freedom and the participation of a large crowd for the first time in human history, personalities and parties, organizations and individuals from the continents of the world at large ', which is the most important step since the founding of the global campaign to break the siege of Gaza, which led to many successes in spite of all repressive measures and the threat and the policy of injustice and abuse of kinship with many of the Arab political policy conferences and forums that are responsive to the demands of security and intelligence agencies without any serious action and active in support of our people

Stand up Arab peoples of the world participated in Srechtha against imperialism and international Zionism and went to Gaza in any way appropriate form with the peoples of the world free of human shields to protect children and women in Gaza
Those who could not participate in the march, the result of any complexity or border security Vliqm any activity of a solidarity sit-ins and demonstrations, articles, associations and voluntary contributions, raised Palestinian flags and posters and to mobilize the whole nation in the days of Gaza, calling on the media all the way to allocate these days to explain the suffering of Gaza survive and shed light on the issue occupation and resistance and support the steadfastness of the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples
People Cry of Freedom and the global humanitarian universal uprising against oppression and injustice and aggression
You are all invited and all the political spectrum, social, cultural, religious, professional and trade union and civil society all men and women, children and old people to participate meaningfully and effectively in the day of wrath and defiance and resilience
January 1, 2010 on the will and resistance, loyalty, and redemption
We now have the greatest and biggest event of struggle since the catastrophe of 48 of the Gaza holocaust after 2009 has not, there is room to linger and think and wait for the outcome of a summit or a meeting or forum and the conference and what happened in Gaza cannot be forgotten. The roots of the Popular Resistance now come together with this global initiative and the success of this initiative is the biggest defeat of the Zionist movement and therefore should include the largest number of civil society organizations in the world
We call this cry and we are not concerned with any internal political conflict and not on the Palestinian arena. Or any other Arab arena as we are concerned first and foremost and the last is to provide elements of steadfastness to our people, our people and continue the course of our teachers and our faithful martyrs first and immortals flags of justice Humanitarian

An end to the military occupation that began in 1948 is a major condition for establishing a just and lasting peace. For over six decades, the Palestinian people have been denied freedom and rights to self-determination and equality. The hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were forced out of their homes during Israel’s creation in 1947-48 are still denied the rights granted them by UN Resolution 194.
Sources of Inspiration
The Gaza Freedom March is inspired by decades of nonviolent Palestinian resistance from the mass popular uprising of the first Intifada to the West Bank villagers currently resisting the land grab of Israel's annexationist wall.
It draws inspiration from the Gazans themselves, who formed a human chain from Rafah to beit hanoun, tore down the border barrier separating Gaza from Egypt, and marched to the six checkpoints separating the occupied Gaza Strip from Israel.
The Freedom March also draws inspiration from the international volunteers who have stood by Palestinian farmers harvesting their crops, from the crews on the vessels who have challenged the Gaza blockade by sea, and from the drivers of the convoys who have delivered humanitarian aid to Gaza.
If Israel devalues Palestinian life then internationals must both interpose their bodies to shield Palestinians from Israeli brutality and bear personal witness to the inhumanity that Palestinians daily confront.
If Israel defies international law then people of conscience must send non-violent marshals from around the world to enforce the law of the international community in Gaza
The March is yet another link in the chain of non-violent resistance to Israel's flagrant disregard of international law.
Citizens of the world are called upon to join ranks with Palestinians in the January 1st March to lift the inhumane siege of Gaza.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is a flagrant violation of international law that has led to mass suffering. The U.S., the European Union, and the rest of the international community are complicit.
The law is clear. The conscience of humankind is shocked. Yet, the siege of Gaza continues. It is time for us to take action! On January 1, 2010, we will mark the New Year by marching alongside the Palestinian people of Gaza in a non-violent demonstration that breaches the illegal blockade.
Our purpose in this March is lifting the siege on Gaza. We demand that Israel end the blockade. We also call upon Egypt to open Gaza’s Rafah border. Palestinians must have freedom to travel for study, work, and much-needed medical treatment and to receive visitors from abroad.
As an international movment we are not in a position to advocate a specific political solution to this conflict. Yet our faith in our common humanity leads us to call on all parties to respect and uphold international law and fundamental human rights to bring an end to the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian territories since 1948 and pursue a just and lasting peace.
The march ca only succeed if it arouses the conscience of humanity.

Please join us.





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