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Mechanisms of the Yemeni regime by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.



The regime in Yemen is not only a dictatorial regime, but also a creative mess system, which has many groups, organizations, secret policing and public camps. It fights, but also unknowingly terrorizes tourists, international business and national business owners, citizens and foreign embassies. The military regime in Yemen  considers a  system of interlocking institutions, it  combines crime factions, and acquisition of property by illegitimate ways. This is so prevalent for those that have the conviction of staying in authority forever who are divided in  formality into a regular army, the tribes, army of mercenaries comprising of multi-spectrums, which all fight under the influences of religious and authoritarian regimes. They are all compensated with financial incentives. Yemenese unity and wars of  Saada are a product of the system that shield a preventive policy of  protection of individual interest. The unity is a politically motivated discourse filled with emptiness on the real ground work while the South fights for emancipation and re-independence of states. The foreign direct investments are mocked and the law of nationalism has not been canceled yet, while the wars of Saada are sustained because of frauds and lawlessness. There are many problems across Yemen, including Sharab and Aldjaashen because of incomplete treatment of citizens, tyranny, and the wars in the areas of Hojaria - Taiz are for repression. The emptiness of these areas of its population and distribution to other areas are so pronounced because they are peaceable and producers. Therefore, Army Command has become the most pronounced leadership, a point of diplomacy and business are operating in the form of smuggling of goods, including arms deals, local and international. For these reasons and others the disappearance of real traders as well as the tragedy of Investors of international origins are active because the activity of the army's leader in carrying out assassinations, smuggling and terrorism across the country. Security agencies are alert on daily basis in attempt to protect high ranking officials and to suppress the citizens who are demanding freedom. Courts and judicial system as well as investment companies are working to increase the problems. The revolution of change faces a series of consecutive Sale system for mercury, the network of relatives who distribute are the role players who penetrate the popular revolution, since the announcement.


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